A Day at COP21

DSC05456 c th[UN-NGO] Sister Monique Javouhey, representing the Company of the Daughters of Charity at the United Nations, shares the news below from the UN in Geneva:

The usual meeting at the Motherhouse of the small UN group allowed us to spend a day in the visitors’ pavilion at Bourget.

From the outset we were struck by the organization and the signage. I followed Sr. Catherine from New York who had already come there and we followed the crowd. At the entrance, after the formalities of identification and passing through screening, we arrived in a very large hall with stalls, benches and many participants. On all sides there were isolated places to talk softly; other people were working on computers.  People were of all ages.

DSC05455 cThere were a variety of stalls.  On one photo there was a display of vegetables and there was a demonstration on how to make compost on a porch! Further on were two young people who were pedaling to recharge their cellphone battery; then a room opened on to the hall and a video conference showing tuna fishing in the Pacific.  Next there was a workshop on artistic salvage…  Scouting was well represented with the beautiful slogans, “Messengers of Peace” and “Create a better world”.

After our noon meal we saw a procession go by: a giant block of ice solemnly carried by eight men and followed by several Latin American musicians. Of course the ice melted, just like the melting ice at the North Pole…

DSC05439 ccWe attended a conference on minorities with four testimonies of persons from the Congo, Latin America, Canada and Indonesia. We were seated in the first rows and we had simultaneous translation. Coordination was by Mme Wicky Corpuz, special rapporteur for minorities whom I often see in Geneva.

Time went by quickly; we had to leave without seeing everything! Before leaving the large hall a new procession passed us by: a long single line led slowly by many Franciscans, followed by a Buddhist monk and many other participants, also completely recollected. Their silent march was telling…

Yes, COP21 has challenged a good part of the world.

Geneva, December 2015
Sister Monique Javouhey, DC

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