A little contribution remembering Sister Suzanne Guillemin, DC

[Province of San Vincenzo Italia]  On the 50th Anniversary of the death of Sister Suzanne Guillemin I would like to express some thoughts but, above all, leave a word about the one who lives in our memories as a “Prophet” of the Little Company. Today as yesterday her testimony of life and her words are truly coherent with the motto: “Given to God, in Community, for the Service of those who are Poor”.

We have still a long way to go in order to realize her guidelines for the Little Company and she seems to urge us in reminding, “the Event is God”. Now I want to mention her words that she left to the Sister Servants:

 “At the present time silence is spoken of in a disparaging manner and even opposed. Even outside the religious life, there is nothing great, nothing profound, nothing “fruitful” on this earth unless it is done in silence. If scientists had no zone of silence around them, they would be incapable of reasoning and of progressing in their learning. That is not sufficiently understood these days. Even certain religious priests no longer comprehend the value of silence. There has been much talk, which has been necessary, about the need of fraternal changes. The Holy Father has promoted the idea of dialogue so much (but he sees that often this dialogue is neither sought nor applied), but so much has been said about dialogue that people end up by forgetting what its basis is, namely, personal silence, without which exchanges or dialogues cannot exist. When we meet with others in order to dialogue, this dialogue, which we want to establish, the exchanges, which we can initiate, will be of value only if they have been preceded by an interior dialogue of each being with God-and this is what silence really is.

Silence consists in nothing else; it is not a void, something that is emptied and that is the end. Silence is that zone of solitude, which permits us to rediscover the Lord and to renew our contact with him. We must not deprive our lives of this value of silence” (Instructions to the sister Servants by Mother Guillemin “Asceticism of the Daughter of Charity”).

Thank you, Lord, for the “precious gift” of this passage of Sister Suzanne to the Little Company; help us to commit ourselves to realize her evangelical teachings. It is the best way to make her memory alive.

Sr. Paola Mollo, DC

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