A Prepared and Expected Move… a New Hope!

Ottone[Province of San Vincenzo – Italy] A journey of almost one year: the Daughters of Charity of “Casa Santa Luisa”, and particularly the young Vincentian Volunteers of the “Blessed Nicoli” Group  from Turin, Italy, accompanied Ottone step by step.

The accompaniment was delicate and powerful, attentive, constant and faithful and was with the commitment of the entire Group. It included Saturday home visits and not the least of which were the parties shared at Casa Santa Luisa.

We met Ottone thanks to the suggestion of Mrs. Anna, a lady that we assisted several years ago. Over the last two years his situation was marked by the disease and death of his Mother. His accommodation really couldn’t be called such; everything was just like his mother left it (more than two years before). Everything in the apartment was touched… there were many leaks from the roof, the windows were broken, the heating didn’t work, there was only cold water and the restroom was almost outdoors.

Through the constant, loving and attentive visits of the volunteers, the first miracle happened: the discovery of a room alongside the apartment, a little healthier, where his mother used to sleep.

A year of close accompaniment and mutual discovery followed. Lots of patience was necessary, by pushing a little bit and sometimes pulling back, we realized that whatever happened was guided by Providence. We began to dream. We involved other people with their hearts filled of generosity and concern for others …And so, a wonderful adventure started in which we were walking with Ottone towards his real autonomy: an apartment, a real lovely one, with “everything” in the simplicity of beginnings … A dwelling where he can be reborn to a new life.

There is still a long path to go. We will involve other generous and attentive people, and we won’t especially leave Ottone alone, by himself.

We ask you to support us with your prayers to increase our hope…

We are grateful to God for Ottone who welcomed us into his life, and to all those who have contributed and continue to be in this project of bringing to life!

Sister Cristina, DC

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