A Vincentian Ideal made history with a future from our Passion for Education. Education: A Commitment, a Passion

educspain1[Provinces of Spain] From 1633, Saint Vincent de Paul and Saint Louise de Marillac, in their desire to advance the society of the XVII Century and roused by the promotion of the Poor, thought that their daughters, the Daughters of Charity, should be devoted to instruction of children and young people.

With the passing of the centuries, if Saint Vincent and Saint Louise were here today and opened the door of our Schools, (145 in the different provinces of Spain), they would say that the ideal of their thoughts has been made a reality.

When such ideals are made history it is because the followers toil in upgrading with fidelity the nucleus, the origin of the Charism. They do it with wisdom and an ability to adapt to the laws of the times and to historical changes without losing the passion of the origins. Those origins had the clairvoyance and the certainty that it was necessary to educate and to promote the poor in order to change the society of the future.

If the Founders were speaking today of service to the needy and of excellence they would say it with other words: attention to the person and care in teaching, watchful to new methods so that the students are better people and good citizens.

For that reason the ideal has been made history: after 382 years, we continue opening the door to diverse students and we look for excellence and quality for them.

The Vincentian School is presented in the XXI Century as a plan for the future, in which Welcome, Integration, Coexistence and Solidarity are the bases of an innovative learning that provides tools so that the student is the main character of his or her learning, according to Gospel values.

We are delighted to think that we service all, transforming the concept of attention to diversity for “personalization of learning” prioritizing educational inclusion. We go from an education centered on the individual who is integrated to a conception of centers that integrate each person in a differentiated and effective way. We favor the development of Communities of learning by means of innovative processes, creativity, enterprise and participation. We promote social cohesion, active citizenship, opening to transcendence and interreligious dialogue.

An entire cast of challenges is manifested by the emblem of the Vincentian School: “To know more and serve better.” This slogan better expresses the Vincentian excellence and quality and our contribution to society, to the educational system, to the Church and to people.

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