Anniversary Celebration of Esperanza (Hope) Project

pro.esperanza.1[Province España Sur] Today we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Esperanza Project for minors and young people who are, or have been, under the care of “Andalucía’s Junta”. About 564 young people have benefitted from one, or several, resources offered to them in this program.

The Project started in 2003 by the Daughters of Charity with the Council of Health and Social Welfare of Andalucía and it has 3 Programs: The “El Pino”Centre, the “Tu Casa” Program and the “Nueva Orilla” Centre. The aim of these programs it is to offer formation, care and welcome, etc. to the young people. El Pino Centre has different resources, among them, training in electrical work, gardening, cooking, tutoring in educational subjects and Spanish language. Most of these minors and young people are immigrants, recently arrived in this country without knowing anything about it. There is a special stress in learning the values and culture of the country, essential for a good relationships. Many have attained an employment because this is one of the objectives of the formation at the “El Pino” Centre.

We count as collaborators professionals, centres, businesses, delegations, volunteers, other entities and the young people.

The Directress of Project Esperanza, Sister Maria Jose, greeted everyone and highlighted the work of all those who form part of “Project Esperanza“. Maria José Rico, from the Health and Social Welfare Department, General Directress of Elderly, Youth, Children and Family praised the good work of “Project Esperanza”, making reference to future and new collaborations with her Department. After that, a very moving video was shown that summarized some of the stories lived day by day in the “El Pino” Centre.   This video was very much appreciated by all the participants. After that, a round table was formed where the participants shared their experiences with “Project Esperanza”, highlighting what kept them united to their different Programs.

The first intervention was from Miguel Angel Escobar, Director of Protection Centre Accem San Lucar, who highlighted the need for the Day Centre as a point of departure for the young people recently arrived in Spain. Maria Sánchez Rope, from the La Raza Human Resources Group remembered the experiences of many young people that have received practical formation with them and, afterward, remained working in the restaurants of the Group. She highlighted the responsibility and the good work of many of them. She finished her intervention encouraging the management present at this event to hire young people who have received formation at El Pino. Ramón Rodríguez, Coordinator of Programs for Minor Immigrants in Andalucía recalled the beginnings of the Project Esperanza. And Pepa Vázquez, General Undersecretary of Children and Families, highlighted the support that the Regional Government of Andalusia has always offered to each Project of the Daughters of Charity.

Sister Magdalena Herrera, Councillor of Social Work for the Daughters of Charity, closed the event and valued the work done, but she spoke also about the future, highlighting the charism of her community to be attentive to the most disadvantaged in society.

After all the interventions, the participants assembled a commemorative tile with the sentence of St Vincent de Paul, “Love is inventive to infinity.”

Finally, Sr Magdalena expressed her gratitude to all the participants and invited them to follow the crossroads of values that have been prepared. The event concluded with an aperitif prepared with the collaboration of our professionals and young people.


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