Annual Meeting of Young Sisters in Mozambique

160202 DSC01702[Mozambique] The Grace of God Rejoices the Heart. It was with a feeling of joy and gratitude that we welcomed Sister Neghesti, our General Councillor, as a sign of God’s grace bringing us the most valuable presents: the gift of her presence, her joy, her example, the gift of her faith, and her encouraging words.

Gathered for their annual spiritual formation, the young Sisters had the opportunity to have a day with Sister Neghesti where she shared on the final document of the Assembly from 2015 to 2021.

Singing, drumming, dancing, shouting colored the meeting room when Sister Neghesti entered as a manifestation of the joy that characterized it. She began to tell us a bit of daily life at the Mother House, where she showed some pictures of various movements of the house, sharing, fraternity coexistence and prayer. Throughout the sharing of the document the following were highlighted:

– The boldness of love for a new missionary momentum was the theme worked on in our General Assembly. The first part:

“Boldness of charity “expresses the document’s contents and “a new missionary zeal” is a challenge which urges us to go beyond our comfort zone, always moved by the boldness of charity.

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Sr. Neghesti stressed the following with a firm but gentle tone to awaken us:

  • To read and meditate on the document
  • To let it deepen within us
  • To always go to the Gospel
  • To not neglect the comings and goings (the service of the poor)
  • To center our life in Christ
  • To abandon to divine providence
  • To get out of our comfort zone and dare more
  • To shut off the outside and inside noise
  • To have knowledge and grow through it, creating concrete convictions
  • To being simple and cheerful in the way we live
  • To intensify our sharing, crowning them with charity
  • To empty our personal and Community spaces
  • To ensure the training and opening of ourselves to differences, purifying our focus/gaze in order to notice those who are truly poor.

At the end Sister Neghesti did encourage us not to be discouraged and not to have a pessimistic outlook at ourselves but to realize that conversion does not happen overnight. It is a progressive process but we have to always work for our growth.

The Charity of Christ crucified urges us to dare more and more.

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