Award of Honour to the Daughters of Charity for their contribution to social welfare in Madrid (SAM)

[Spain] The Spanish Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Madrid (ASEME), inter-professional association that was born in 1971 with the objective of supporting and promoting the full development of women in their capacity as business, professional or manager.

ASEME in this fifteenth edition of its awards has recognized the excellence and influence of women in large companies and PYMES; as well as its social commitment in the task of spreading and promoting the value of women from a means of communication. “These women represent the values ​​of feminism, of women who have presence, recognition and ability to transform their environment as free and bright human beings, they encourage us to continue working to achieve a balanced world, in which men and women work together in equality of conditions and rights”, according to Eva Serrano.

The Honor Prize to Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul received this Award of Honor for their contribution to social welfare, for their career in favour of women, deserves special recognition, among the applause and jubilation, on the night of the Women Entrepreneur and Directive Awards 2018, of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs (ASEME). His constant work in residences, schools, hospitals, integration projects, soup kitchens and banks food have improved our society. Women who help women, in their worst moments, accompanying them in their first steps to recover their life, with the dignity that every human being should have. Discreet and constant for 400 years they carry social responsibility in their DNA. In 2005 they have received Prince of Asturias Award for Concord.

Six other businesswomen and managers were awarded for their success and exemplary leadership: Isabel López Ferrer, entrepreneur of the year; Marta Araujo, best entrepreneur; Gracia Sánchez-Vizcaíno, best director; Ana Martínez Puente and Ana Martín Jiménez, PYME of the year; Rocío Nieto Rubio, for her social commitment; and Teresa Viejo, as media communication.

The award-winners were honoured by hundreds of attendees, including representatives of institutions, authorities, businessmen and businesswomen. “Their profiles are diverse, as their circumstances, however, they coincide in four factors: passion, perseverance, ability to work, and confidence in their own power to undertake and achieve their objectives,” said Eva Serrano, Chairewoman of ASEME.

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