Did you say lockdown ?

[Province Belgique–France–Suisse] This word, spoken countless of times all over the world since the beginning of this year and experienced by just as many people, has caused physical, sociological, psychological, economical affliction as well as various adversities; its scope will unfold in succeeding months. However, it has also brought exceptional outpouring of generosity, both spiritually and corporally. For a brief moment, let us «turn the medal» (one of St. Vincent de Paul’s famous expressions) and dare to see «lockdown» with hearts filled with hope…

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The Star of Bethlehem Continues to Shine – the Magi in a Hospital

photo36[Province of Belgique-France-Suisse] Epiphany has passed, but the Lord continues to accompany us day after day. Here is the story of a couple who took their daughter, Adèle, to the hospital and there they encountered the Star of the Lord!

The evening of 5 January, our daughter Adèle had terrible stomach pains. Jacques and I immediately felt that it was an appendicitis. On the advice of our physician, we made our way to the hospital in Belley. Read More