Daughter of Charity, receives a Civil Merit Medal

[Province of the Caribbean] Wednesday, June 19, King Felipe VI of Spain celebrated his five years as the Spanish monarch. He wanted to celebrate it by awarding the Civil Merit Medal to ordinary people who are building a better Spain. One of those chosen was Sister Monica, a daughter of Charity from Madrid-San Vicente Province.  She is a missionary in Haiti. Read More

The silent work of the Daughters of Charity in Haiti

[Province of del Caribe] A few days ago the web page: www.periodicolaperla.com published news about the work of the Daughters of Charity in Port-au-Prince. In the area of La Plaine, just outside Port-au-Prince, 5 sisters, 2 Spanish, one Haitian and one Polish, attend a medical and a day center for elderly people, which is the only help for many of their neighbors. In this neighborhood, like many others in the Haitian capital, where most houses do not have electricity or water, where the streets are not asphalted and there are mountains of garbage everywhere, breakfast and food provide by the sisters in the day center are the only food that some of these people receive. Read More