Closing of our General Assembly 2015

At the end of our Assembly, we gave thanks to God and embraced the message from Sister Kathleen Appler, Superioress General, sending us forth and calling us to become in our Provinces “living documents” of “the boldness of Charity for a new missionary momentum” through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and modeled on the example of our Holy Founders, Saint Vincent and Saint Louise. Read More

The Assembly is studying the third theme

GA_News_1106_3After the elections, all the members are continuing their efforts: dialoging, sharing, studying, clarifying – for “God’s good pleasure” (Saint Vincent) and a better service of persons who are poor. This third theme – “A Company enriched by the participation of all Sisters” – makes it clear that this includes all our responsibilities and our commitments in the various facets of our lives: spiritual, community, and service.

We have the following aspects on which to work: Read More

Monday, 1 June 2015, Election of the General Councillors

After a time of preparation and prayer, on Monday, 1 June 2015, the eight General Councillors were elected. Our Superioress General, Sister Kathleen Appler, transmitted the list of Sisters to all our provinces. We have the joy of presenting them to you here:


1st row (bottom), from the left to the right: Sr Corina, Sr Neghesti; Sr Teresa, Sr Hanna; 2nd row (middle), from the left to the right: Sr Carmen, Sr Françoise, Sr Kathleen, Sr Marie; 3rd row (top): Sr Iliana

Read More

A missionary momentum inspired by Charity

The members of the General Assembly are working on the 2nd theme: A missionary momentum inspired by charity

There are three aspects to study:

  • The boldness of charity today
  • A shared commitment to ending modern forms of slavery
  • A new missionary momentum

Twelve missionary experiences were shared, which  helped us to reflect on, discuss, and more deeply explore this theme… Read More

Sister Kathleen APPLER – the new Superioress General

Sr Kathleen ApplerOur General Assembly is moving forward …

On Pentecost Monday, 25 May, the members of the General Assembly, after a day of prayer, elected their new Superioress General, Sister Kathleen APPLER, for the coming six years.

Sister Kathleen, an American from the Province of Saint Louise-USA, has been a General Councillor since 2009. She has broad experience in the education field and also in government on the provincial level. Read More

Celebration of the 200 years of the Motherhouse of the Daughters of Charity on the Rue du Bac

GA_News_1705_3On 28 June 1815, the Daughters of Charity arrived at their 5th Motherhouse.

In order to celebrate this event, we were invited to gather in the “Seminary Garden,” on the evening of Sunday, 10 May 2015.

With a candle in hand, we left in procession toward the Chapel, crossing through the oldest part of the house. Symbolically, we traveled the nearly 200 years of the Company’s history. Read More

The General Assembly will begin within a few days…

GA_News_0105_1The General Assembly of the Daughters of Charity will begin within a few days. This event takes place every six years, lasts for 5 weeks, and gathers together 149 Sisters, coming from 94 different countries.

Following a week of retreat, from May 5 to 13, the members of the Assembly will enter into reflection on the principal theme ‘The Boldness of Charity for a New Missionary Momentum.’ Read More