Missionary Day for Consecrated Women, USMI Diocese of Sassari, Sardinia

[Province of Sardegna] In celebration of the Missionary Day 2019 for Consecrated Women that took place in Sardinia, Sister Anna Anedda, DC, diocesan delegate to the Union of Major Superiors in Italy (USMI), proposed that the venue be at the Chapel of Casa Santa Luisa of the Daughters of Charity. There are many Sisters there who, because of age or illness, no longer carry out any ‘service’ but who still remain in ‘service’, in mission within the heart of the Church through their prayer, the offering of their sufferings and their love for humanity, like St. Therese of Lisieux. Read More

The gleaners of St. Louise

[Province of Sardinia] At the end of the fifties of the last century in the countryside of Campidano, in Sardinia, one could still see farmers reaping wheat with a scythe. And to those who passed near those fields, there were men, women, and children who, like squirrels, would run here and there to collect ears of corn left on the stalk or fallen from the wagon. Read More

The Conference of the Bishops of Sardinia authorizes the opening of the cause of beatification of Sister Teresa Tambelli.

Sor Tambelli 320[Province of Sardinia – Italy]  The canonical process of the cause for beatification of Sister Teresa Tambelli, Daughter of Charity can begin. In fact, on the 16th of February, at the request of the Archbishop of Cagliari, Arrigo Miglio, the Episcopal Conference of Sardinia gave the approval to proceed with the procedure provided by church regulations. Read More