Narnia Creative Evangelization – “The Immaculate School”, Leganés

narnia2[Province of Saint Vincent -Spain] Narnia is an interesting experience, organized by the Teaching Delegation of the Diocese of Getafe that allows diving into the message of Jesus of Nazareth in a creative, surprising and happy way. It is creative and has a good team. It consists in relating the Chronicles of Narnia of C. S. Lewis to the Gospel message. It searches a parallelism and meaning between “Prince Caspian” and the figure of Jesus and the Kingdom. There is the lion, Aslam, and Jesus, right and wrong… There were games and tests that the groups must solve for enjoyment and knowledge. There was music, songs, prayer, the sacrament of Penance… At the end, the battle takes place between good and evil, between Aslam and the white witch. A combat takes place among the participants, 6º of Primary and 1st of Secondary and monitors from the 4th of Secondary and High school children. Read More

Assistance to Refugees in Lebanon

Libanon1[Province of Graz-Central Europe] We know that the number of refugees in Lebanon is very high but so is the number of works in place to help them. Here is a little example of collaboration:

The charitable organization CARITAS of SALZBOURG in Austria has been engaged for many years in this country, especially with children and youth – in collaboration with the Congregation of the Mission and the Daughters of Charity. Read More

First Centenary of San Andrés Home – Lebrija

san andres 4[Province España-Sur – Spain] This past February 23rd San Andrés Home of Lebrija celebrated its first centennial. The Eucharist began at eleven in the morning presided by the Archbishop of Seville, Most Reverend Juan José Asenjo Pelegrina. He began by giving thanks for these hundred years of service that the Daughters of the Charity of St Vincent of Paul have offered to the town of Lebrija and for the generosity of the founders that made this great work possible. After the Eucharist, celebrated in the Franciscan Convent, everyone went to St Andres Home to see the photographic exhibition that showed unforgettable moments of their hundred years of existence. Read More

The Vincentian Spirit … In the wake of the past, to the present day…

The Vincentian Spirit_2015.06_2[Province San Vincenzo – Italy] – 13 May 2015.  In the presence of ecclesiastical and civil authorities Sr. Luisa Cirulli gave testimony to IRCCS (Institutes for Hospitalization and Scientific Care) about the presence of the Daughters of Charity for the past 30 years in the Pediatric Hospital of the Child Jesus.

“I thank everyone, especially our President, Mariella Enoc. I was moved because she gave me the opportunity to recall, on this occasion, the presence of the Daughters of Charity in the Pediatric Hospital of “The Child Jesus”. Read More


abitare il mondo.1[Province of San Vincenzo – Italy] Learn to inhabit the body and then your house and the world! This is the theme that accompanied the two days of play and training for children and families in Quercianella (LI) on April 25th and 26th last year. Speakers for the training of parents were Sister Costanza Galli, Daughter of Charity and Don Gianluigi Figone (Psychologist and Educator). Read More

“Community Week” in San Salvario, Turin – March 2015

testimoniascout[Province San Vincenzo-Italia] In early March, the Community of the Daughters of Charity of San Salvario in Turin, at Santa Luisa house, experienced something new and very significant. The Casa Santa Luisa welcomes Homeless People every day, listening to them, taking care of them, accompanying them on their path to rediscover their dignity and their reintegration into social and civic life. More and more, the Daughters of Charity welcome young people who desire to live an experience of service and therefore they stay at Santa Luisa a few days or just one night in order to be ready, early in the morning, to offer breakfast to our homeless friends. Read More

Gratitude to our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

2[Province of San Vincenzo – Italia] Miss Rosanna Rossi desires to publicly express her testimony and her gratitude to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal from whom she received a particular grace. The Chapel she is referring to is located in Grosseto (Italy). It was built in 1936 by the Sister Servant of the community of the Daughters of Charity who was there at that time. The Chapel is open to the public and visited by people who honor and faithfully pray with a particular devotion the Holy Virgin. Read More

Ecumenical Prayer

Preghiera Ecumenica[San Vincenzo – Italy] For some years, at the end of the week of prayer for Christian unity, the parish in Mortegliano, a village near Udine (Northern Italy), celebrates an “ecumenical” prayer vigil, chaired by the parish priest and a Lutheran pastor. This year the theme of the week of prayer was “Give me to drink,” from the Gospel of Jesus and the Samaritan woman (Jn 4, 1 – 42). Read More