Entrance of Seven postulants

[Province of Mozambique] The preparation for the entrance began with a retreat preached by the Director, Fr Fernando. We had the theme, “To Follow Jesus and the exigencies of vocation”. The Director reiterated that the aim of the encounter with God is to know and let oneself be known. It is necessary to know God in order to respond to his call; for this it is necessary to open up. Read More

Children’s Center Ontupaia – Nacala Porto

[Province of Mozambique]  On May 9th, the children of the Santa Luisa de Marillac – Ontupaia Children’s Center in Nacala Porto awoke with a most contagious joy. What was the reason for that joy? Very simple, the patron’s feast day. The children from ages 3 to 5 were the persons responsible for the animation at the Mass Read More

Let it be done to me according to your will – (FIAT)

16019 Mozambique 41[Province of Mozambique] Praise and glorify God the Father, who in his infinite love called us and has chosen us making us participate in his redemptive mission. It was in this spirit of gratitude that we join the FIAT of Mary: “You made me holy, wonderous is your name”. For his kindness allowed us to make Vows for the first time on July 30, while we were celebrating the feast of St. Justin de Jacobis. This great missionary consumed his whole life in the service and evangelization of the Ethiopian people; a mission accomplished with true love. Read More

Annual Meeting of Young Sisters in Mozambique

160202 DSC01702[Mozambique] The Grace of God Rejoices the Heart. It was with a feeling of joy and gratitude that we welcomed Sister Neghesti, our General Councillor, as a sign of God’s grace bringing us the most valuable presents: the gift of her presence, her joy, her example, the gift of her faith, and her encouraging words. Read More