Celebrating 15 years of vocation

“Our vocation is to go throughout the world to spread this divine fire.”

[Brazil – Province of Curitiba] In June 23-24, 2012, eight Sisters from Province of Curitiba, in Brazil, gathered together to celebrate 15 years of vocation. How many stories to share, how many difficulties and blessings during the journey in the several communities where they lived or are living now.

The atmosphere of the meeting was of worship where there were a sharing of the Conference of Saint Vincent de Paul about the Importance of Prayer (July 21st, 1648); the Eucharist celebrated by Father Euzébio Spisla, Provincial Director and a rosary in which they could recognize the protective and loving hand of God leading their lives and vocations during the Pre-Postulate, Postulate, Seminary, Young Sisters and now in the mission. 

Sister Paula Pereira Alves (current Visitatrix and former Seminary Directress of the group) and Sister Ângela Pan (Provincial Assistant) did everything to organize this meeting and make it a special moment. We thank God and the Company for accompanying, supporting, pointing out ways, inspiring and allowing the growth of these Sisters as Daughters of Charity in the love to Christ and in the service of those who are poor.

June 24th, the birth of Saint John the Baptist, was the day of their Sending in Mission. The memory of this celebration is a prayer to God keep sending in mission these daughters of love, making them more faithful and joyful testimonies of their vocations on the different missions where they are.

Making efforts to keep the divine fire burning in their lives and mission, these Sisters give thanks to God for all support and formation received from the Superiors. May the Holy Spirit keep giving fortitude, wisdom and discernment in every moment of their lives.

“Lord, take my hands through yours hand, support me along the way I still have to walk.

I ask you to finish this work and the love that began it will be my heaven, my dwelling”. 

Sister Clei de Fátima Campanha dos Santos, DC

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