Celebrating with Sr Józefa at 106 years old

[Province of Warsaw] On March 12, 2018, Daughter of Charity St Vincent de Paul, Sister Józefa Słupińska, celebrated 106 years of age. She lives in the Provincial House of the Daughters of Charity in Warsaw.

Sister Józefa comes from Wieluń, Poland. She tells us that the joy of her and her whole family was the fact that at the age of six she started schooling in a free Poland. The homeland is always in the first place in her life. She loved her country from childhood and from childhood she knew that one should contribute to the life of one’s country by faithful service.

God gave Sister Józefa the grace of being called to the consecrated life. She chose the Daughters of Charity, because of the charism which is the service to Christ in those who are in need. 


With the Daughters of Charity she graduated from Nursing School and for decades she served the sick in hospitals, and after the sisters were removed from hospitals by the communists, she served the sick in their homes and the parishes. On June 23, 2003, she was awarded the highest medal for nurses, the Florence Nightingale Medal, awarded by the International Committee of the Red Cross. 

Today, Sister Józefa, happy with her chosen path, joyful and trusting, willingly shares the experience of her long life. Holding the rosary constantly in her hands, she prays for the Company, the Church and the homeland she always loved.

After Holy Mass offered for her intentions as a thanksgiving, when requested by the Provincial about what she would like to tell us, she started with thanksgiving to God for all His goodness and graces she received in her whole life; for each Holy Communion, for her parents. 

She also said: “Every day through her whole life when I go to the chapel and I ask God to be always a seminary sister and when the day is over I ask Our Lady: was I seminary sister today? (…) And as my last word I wish to say: Lord, I love you!”

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