Celebration of 10 years of St. Etienne Social Services Center in Saniob

graz1[Province de Graz-Central Europe] The province has one community house and one annex in Romania.  For 10 years the two Sisters of this community have worked with the laity to care for children in difficulty.  St. Etienne Social Service Center is administered by an international association and supported by a Benedictine Monastery in Austria.

With gratitude in our hearts, on October 24 we celebrated the anniversary of the opening of St. Etienne Center in 2004.  During these 10 years we have had ups and downs, joys and difficulties. We received 49 children with varied difficulties and always sad.  12 of them have left our “family“.

The parish church was full: children, guests, collaborators. We were truly pleased and moved to find our “children,” who have become adults, who came back to celebrate with us.

We felt strongly how collaboration in various services for these children has united us. We could see with our own eyes the good that was done; we realized the importance and the role of our presence in the lives of these children, now and for the future.

We thank God for these 10 years of service for these marginalized children!

Sr. Serafina and Sr. Rafaella


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