“Community Week” in San Salvario, Turin – March 2015

testimoniascout[Province San Vincenzo-Italia] In early March, the Community of the Daughters of Charity of San Salvario in Turin, at Santa Luisa house, experienced something new and very significant. The Casa Santa Luisa welcomes Homeless People every day, listening to them, taking care of them, accompanying them on their path to rediscover their dignity and their reintegration into social and civic life. More and more, the Daughters of Charity welcome young people who desire to live an experience of service and therefore they stay at Santa Luisa a few days or just one night in order to be ready, early in the morning, to offer breakfast to our homeless friends.

A young Scout, who has been living his extra-associative year of service with the Vincentian Group “Blessed Nicoli”, an important part of Casa Santa Luisa, asked the Community if there was any possibility to organize accommodations for a “Community Week” for his group. This meant to welcome 12-15 young people who would live their lives there, always coming and going, but staying, studying, cooking, eating and sleeping at Casa Santa Luisa. They would share service rooms with the homeless people, especially the kitchen, pantry and breakfast room. They used the meeting room and the Volunteers library as a place of entertainment and education and the yard as a classroom for study, considering the mild temperatures of those days!

Here is what the young Scouts wrote to the Sisters at their farewell:

Dear Sisters, we would like to start by thanking you for your availability for having hosted us for one entire week, which is not so obvious … We promise that this friendship between Agesci (Association and Italian Catholic Guide Scouts) and the Sisters of St Vincent will continue. In the future, as long as you agree, other groups as we will always find in you an open hand, ready to welcome. The choice of a place to stay is really important and affects moods and emotions of all the members of the group. Like you experienced, joy was the highlight of our days.

Maybe your hard work and care also urged in us the sense of service and pushed someone to commit even more in his actions.

We also thank you for the patience you had with us, in watching out for us like children. Your silent watch over us contributed to make this experience even more beautiful. We really hope that other Scout groups decide to follow our example and maybe become part of the Young Vincentian Volunteers Group engaged Saturdays afternoon in home visits, as our Federico Ozanam group did.

A hug,

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