Daughters of Charity International Project Services (IPS) Has Launched its New Website

ips1[USA] Daughters of Charity International Project Services’ new interactive website at: www.daughtersips.org offers an exciting opportunity to experience the many projects and success stories of the Daughters of Charity working in the developing world.  Website visitors can select projects by country, by type, or by project status. All the projects have been presented to IPS by the Sisters working in impoverished countries as important needs for the people they serve.

Each project contains the location, a description and picture, and progress on the funding. Updates and new projects are being added regularly.

Also, on the EXPERIENCE page, visitors can see Daughters of Charity videos, that share their experiences in countries such as Eritrea and Democratic Republic of Congo.  Or visit the HIV/AIDS section to learn more about the Sisters’ initiative in sub-Saharan Africa known as DREAM (drug resource enhancement against AIDS and malnutrition).

Since the first Daughter of Charity project was funded in 2006, IPS has supported 540 projects in 56 countries in the developing world.

Some examples of recent Daughters of Charity projects featured on the website are:

A Vehicle is Needed for Bethlehem School in Ethiopia

The Daughters of Charity run a kindergarten and a primary school in rural Maichew in north Ethiopia. They have a nutrition program for the children and help support families with income generating activities. Acquiring a new vehicle will help school operations and facilitate food and material deliveries for the feeding program.  The Sisters need $67,922 to purchase their vehicle. 

Basic Needs for Those Who are Sick & Poor in Zmigrod, Poland

Since 1947, the Sisters have been serving those who are poor in Zmigrod, an isolated area once ruled by communism. High unemployment has forced a number of young people to flea the area. Many remaining families have female heads of households, and elderly who are sick and poor.  This deprived population struggles to pay for utilities, medical care and even food. Some are without shelter.  The Daughters of Charity provide diverse social assistance to families truly in need, especially the elderly.  The current need for medicines, food and clothing will cost $25,000. 

Program to Prevent Human Trafficking in Bogota

The Daughters of Charity in Bogota have initiated a multi-faceted program to develop awareness, to educate and to prevent the crime of human trafficking for children and youth. Their program will reach 39 local communities to address the many forms of child exploitation: forced recruitment, servile marriage, foreign beggars, illegal extraction of organs, child labor, child sex tourism, child pornography, and sexual exploitation.  Beneficiaries are youth between the ages of 14 to 18, who are potential victims. Those involved in the awareness and education programs include parents, teachers, public authorities and will include pastoral agents and those from religious life.


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