Diocesan Day at Sousse (Tunis)

[Province of Spain – South] On January 20, 2018 parishioners from all of Tunis Diocese met in Sousse to participate in the Diocesan Day convened by the Bishop. The two Daughters of Charity communities from Tunis and Sfax participated as well as the Vincentians Priests from Lagoulette and Sousse, responsible for the parishes.

This day has been prepared over three years with a reflection in each parish and in this Encounter we shared and answered to the questions proposed by the Bishop.

The Encounter began at 9 a.m. with welcome he participants and the organization of the working groups.

This was followed by a Eucharist concelebrated by all the priests of the Diocese. A well prepared and festive meal brought us together, allowing us to exchange and know each other better.

At 3:00 p.m. we had a meeting all groups together and we had a presentation of the answers withheld.

The Bishop closed the day thanking the dynamic participation of the parishes and the proposals to be fulfil the following months:

Above all, there is a great demand for training in all domains: Biblical, Liturgical, knowledge of the country and the Muslim religion. More knowledge and communication among the parishes and a great thanks to all who have prepared this day and the choir who has animated the Eucharist and the meeting.

Afterwards we scattered towards the four cardinal points of the Diocese until next meeting.

The Daughters Communities of Saint Barnaba Sfax and Tunes

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