Encountering those who are poor in the Central African Republic.

RCA 1[Province of Central Africa] The Central African Republic, in sango, Ködörösêse tî Baraka, is a country in central Africa.  Where are we?  If you go to the end of the world you will find the evidence of God there.  If you go to the depths of your self, you will find God himself (Madeleine Delbrul). Take seriously each day of my life… The Lord meets me right there where I am and not anywhere else.  Examine my way of being with my close neighbors…  Be faithful to a life of personal and communal prayer nourished by the Word of God and hold on to it.  Be personally involved in the local Church…  Continue to deepen the mercy of God in our relations with God, with one another, with the poor and all those around us.

The Daughters of Charity are in a little village called BERNABENG/SAFA, not far from the border of the Congo, in the forest, in a region where tribes of Pygmies live.  Sacred Heart parish is one of 10 parishes in the Diocese Mbaiki, in the village of BERNABENG/SAFA. 



The illnesses seen regularly are malaria, parasites, diarrhea, respiratory problems, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition. There is real concern for the lack of medical personnel.  This has an impact on persons such as:

  • Pregnant women who show signs of malnutrition as well as their children
  • Malnourished children and those living with HIV/AIDS (children and adults)

The sick are carried on others’ backs or in used wheelbarrows to come to a health center.  Those who are deceased are carried in the same way in their villages.  


Education helps to cultivate and enrich our knowledge at all levels.  How to grow? To cultivate is to assimilate, it is being able to trace the roads of the modern world in the forest; it is cut, to remove, to choose … it is to prepare citizens of the Church and the country of tomorrow. Despite the events that paralyzed the country some parents make efforts to send their children to school but the lack of teachers is very striking. 


To spread the Gospel, not only by proclaiming it but also living it oneself and giving the responsibility to others to live it.                                                                                                                   

Sister Spéciose MUBEREJIKI

                                                                                                             SAFA Community – R.C.A 

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