Entrance of Seven postulants

[Province of Mozambique] The preparation for the entrance began with a retreat preached by the Director, Fr Fernando. We had the theme, “To Follow Jesus and the exigencies of vocation”. The Director reiterated that the aim of the encounter with God is to know and let oneself be known. It is necessary to know God in order to respond to his call; for this it is necessary to open up. The preacher concluded by saying that the first steps for those who follow Jesus are continuous availability, the ability to relinquish security, setting off on the path and not turning back for any reason. Enter through the narrow door, for it is a path of grace, and in every walk it takes a certain suffering to hold us steady. Jesus invites us to lose our lives for his Gospel because to follow Christ is to make a pilgrimage in the direction in which he invites us.

Our retreat was very rich, useful and was a time of renewal and purification.  We concluded the day with the celebration of the sacrament of Reconciliation.

The Eucharistic celebration of our admission went well, it was a moment of great emotion, joy and great gratitude to God for the gift given to us to take another step along our vocational journey. The community, for its part, welcomed us with great joy to the beginning of another vocational phase.

Finally we thank the sisters who have helped us so far. May God reward each one of them. Thank you very much from the heart.

The Postulants

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