Five hundred children helped each year in the Vatican at the Saint Martha pediatric dispensary


[Province San Vicenzo – Italia] It has the same name as the celebrated pontifical residence and this year welcomed 480 children to the Vatican from the whole world, without distinction of race or religion.  This is the Saint Martha pediatric dispensary that offers medical care, food and clothing to families in need. Just a few feet from the house that welcomes Pope Francis, this work has been run for more than 90 years by the Vincentian Sisters, the Daughters of Charity. They provide a kind of gateway to necessities that normally would not be available.

DispSMarta 2“Thanks to the collaboration of the government,” explains Sister Antonietta Collachi, director of the clinic since 2012, “every year we have close to 500 children enrolled, 350 of whom come regularly. They are mostly immigrants from Africa and Latin America but also from countries in Asia and Europe.  Furthermore, we do not look at the color of their skin or their religious profession because charity values each person as a human being.” In the families who come to them there are mothers with their children who have no one to take care of them. 52 people, between doctors and volunteers, help the Vincentian community who give several hours each day to the work. They welcome families, work in the clinic, do filing, distribute food, clothing, diapers and toys for the children and provide various services essential for each day.

L’Osservatore Romano (Gianluca Biccini)

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