The Community of Fain-lès-Moutiers

Our community of Daughters of Charity arrived in Fain-lès-Moutiers in 1964.  The birthplace of Saint Catherine Labouré was progressively transformed into a center of hospitality to transmit the message of the Virgin Mary to Catherine and to care for sick persons in their homes.  Today our community numbers five Sisters.

To men and women of our time searching for meaning, Saint Catherine House offers a place of listening, sharing and meeting to express their questions, their thirst to deepen their Christian faith.  Our Community is available to welcome them and is at their service.  We receive:


  • Individuals or families who come to ask for or give thanks for cures, conversions, to have a child.  Those who cannot come send us their family and personal intentions by post or by telephone
  • Curious tourists discovering a Burgundy farm and who are surprised to find a place that has a history, a presence…
  • Rarely, those making pilgrimages who are pleased to be able to make a stop here

different groups from all backgrounds, regions, from the Diocese of Dijon or neighboring dioceses who ask for a day, a week-end or several days of retreat.  The appeal of the house is due, in particular, to members of the Vincentian Family – Daughters of Charity, the Priests of the Mission and lay collaborators – who come from around the world to be revitalized with Catherine.

We live this mission of hospitality as Daughters of Charity, putting us in service of others, with the mandate to transmit the message of Faith and Hope confided to Saint Catherine Labouré and lived by her.  We share the service with the lay personnel of our house and with volunteers who collaborate with us when we receive large groups.

During their visits it is not unusual to see persons who were separated from the Faith to be moved interiorly with the memories of their childhood, such as First Communion, a mother or a grandmother.  Several wear the medal which they have worn for a long time.  People easily confide in us because they find we listen, there is discretion and kindness without judgment.

All the organization of our community life is done in light of our mission of hospitality.  Community is built day after day by the gift and engagement of each one.  We have very different temperaments, backgrounds and personal experiences but we are united in the conviction of the same call.  In a world marked by conflict and violence, our community life testifies that it is possible to establish true community while respecting differences and with mutual acceptance.

Communal prayer is a witness to our Faith in the presence of the living Christ in whose name we gather: for the Liturgy of the Hours in the morning and evening, daily prayer and the Eucharist twice in week with persons of our parish.  Our chapel is open; the hours of prayer are posted and we welcome anyone who wishes to join our prayer.

Those who come through the door of our house may leave with a renewed trust in Mary, the Immaculate Virgin and our Mother, to live the Gospel each day and, with the example of Catherine, place themselves at the service of their brothers and sisters, particularly those who are the poorest.