Second Part:

Sr. GABRIELLA BORGARINO Daughter of Charity (1880 – 1949)

Divine Providence of the Heart of Jesus, watch over us!”

Picture Borgarino

At the beginning of the month of November 1919, Sr. Borgarino was missioned from Lugano to the house of St. Joseph at Grugliasco, in the suburbs of Turin. She was always in the kitchen and in other humble offices, taking care of the sisters who were infirm. Here, too, the confidences of Jesus to her continued. One morning, while going to the chapel, she did three small charitable acts to some of the elderly sisters … “While I was giving thanks at Communion, I saw in front of me three beautiful roses and the voice of Jesus saying to me: These are the three acts of charity that you did this morning; I’ve really appreciated them! “

In July 1931, Sr.Borgarino had to leave Grugliasco and “the chapel in which she had received so many graces and where she met the sweet Presence of Jesus” (her own words) in order to go to Luserna S. Giovanni where Jesus manifested himself again to her to entrust her another assignment. Sr. Borgarino wrote to Msgr. Poretti: one day in the Chapel Jesus said to me: “My Divine Heart is so full of Love, it is like an overflowing stream. Spread, if possible, throughout the world this invocation.” Jesus had a card in His hand with exactly this very precious invocation:

Divine Providence of the Heart of Jesus, watch over us!”

He asked me to copy it, to have it blessed and to underline the word Divine so that all would understand that it truly came from His Heart.

Sr.Borgarino wrote this ejaculatory prayer on images and leaflets and distributed it. She taught it to the sisters and to the people she met. The prayer spread without difficulty: in fact, it became the prayer during the terrible years of World War II, when moral, spiritual and material needs were so great. Many people sought out Sr. Borgarino for some advice on difficult problems and Sister Gabriella listened to them. Afterwards she “spoke about it to Jesus” and answered all of them with a disarming simplicity.

At about 11pm on the first of January 1949 she died and her eyes were opened to the contemplation of the unveiled Jesus. Now in Heaven, as she promised, she can begin: to make known to the whole world the infinite mercy of the Heart of Jesus and plead for His eternal Divine Providence in favor of all the people who need it.

On February 3rd, 2002, Msgr. DEBERNARDI introduced the diocesan process of beatification, inviting everyone to thank and to pray to the Lord to manifest the holiness of the beloved Sister Borgarino so that His merciful love will be more widely known and loved.