The strength of Faith: Martyrs of the French Revolution


“Our vocation is to go, not just to one parish, not just to one diocese, but all over the world; and do what? To set people’s hearts on fire, to do what the Son of God did. He came to set the world on fire in order to inflame it with His love.”   (CCD 12; 207, 30 May, 1659)

In Lumen Fidei (#16) we read: “Yet it is precisely in contemplating Jesus’ death that faith grows stronger and receives a dazzling light; then it is revealed as faith in Christ’s steadfast love for us, a love capable of embracing death to bring us salvation. This love, which did not recoil before death in order to show its depth, is something I can believe in; Christ’s total self-gift overcomes every suspicion and enables me to entrust myself to him completely.”

arras-1Over centuries members of the Vincentian family have lived their Faith to the full, even to the point of death.  They witnessed to the life of Christ who gave his life that we might live.  Their Faith was strong enough that they were willing to give up their lives rather than betray their Faith.  At the time of the Revolution the Daughters of Charity did their best to continue to care for the poor.  In Angers, Dax and Arras there were Sisters whose refusal to take the Oath of Liberty-Equality lead to their martyrdom.  Each story is different but all very inspiring!  See:  Martyrs of the Revolution,   Angers, ArrasDax