Testimony of Sr. Simone

My community of three sisters, among whom I am the oldest, serves adults with physical and emotional handicaps. It gives us great joy to live with them, to journey with them. In the course of their celebrations, in simple contacts, rendering service, etc, we are challenged by their own life of faith.

Faith, if I am correct, always signified to me complete trust in the one who called me. In “Lumen Fidei” we read, “Faith is our response to a word which engages us personally, to a ‘Thou’ who calls us by name.”

To always have trust lets me go beyond my fears, my weaknesses; to give myself entirely to the one is who is always beside me… “Of whom should I be afraid?

This year of Faith made me realize the importance of meeting the God who “lets himself be found” (lumen Fidei); to read His Word, to be more attentive to the Word: “[Faith] comes from hearing, and it is meant to find expression in words and to be proclaimed.” (Lumen Fidei)

sr. Simone IIJOf course, at my age, I do not see myself on an “awakening to faith” team, but I can probably awaken faith through acts of kindness, listening to residents, rendering a service. I also don’t see myself going along the shores to proclaim the Good News; it’s not my charism. But I do feel myself called to create the “shores of silence” to meet Him, to carry Him to others each day. “What other reward can God give to those who seek him, if not to let himself be found?” (Lumen Fidei)

Faith lives in community first by sharing the Word of God, reading events, by fraternal gestures. “It is impossible to believe on our own.” (Lumen Fidei) Is it not an act of faith to fully adhere to what we said Jesus himself: “When two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”

Lord, that I might know you in all those who surround me.

Sr Simone

Corbonod Community