Community of Bebalem – Democratic Republic Chad

bebalem2Community of Bebalem – Democratic Republic Chad – (San Sebastian Province – Spain)

Our Community of Bebalem is located in the South-West of Chad where French, Arabic and more that 200 autochthonous languages are spoken. The religions are Islam, Protestantism and Catholic (less than 2%).

The North of the country is a desert: where there are dates, camels… The South part is more humid: there are rice, millet, peanuts, goats, oxen, chickens. More than 80% of the population is illiterate.

Nowadays in the countries that surround Chad: Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Central African Republic there is a strong persecution, attacks and murder of Christians.

The Community of the Daughters of Charity in Bebalem is the only one in this country. We are four sisters: three of us are nurses and one is a teacher. We came to this mission 12 years ago and we communicate with people in French and Ngambay, a language related to the body and words that differ by the tone of voice, what makes it very difficult.

As one can suppose, the culture, customs, mentality and climate are very different from home (in the dry season the thermometer can reach up to 60º). Everything is very different to our style of life in Spain but, in spite of the difficulties of acclimatization, learning the language and a culture so different; everything is overcome because we feel very near to God and we find our happiness among this people.

Maybe the question could arise to you, what did you go to do there? And the answer is, “the desire to bring the love of God to the people of Chad, in Bebalem, through our service to the most abandoned, that there are not few!”

  • bebalem3We work in the formation field:
    • in the school,
    • formation of teachers,
    • catechists in the parish and
    • with young volunteers…
  • We visit and support elderly and lonely people.
  • We have opened a Nutritional Centre for undernourished children.
  • We work with handicapped people and now we are building some rooms for their rehabilitation to be able to offer them a better service.

bebalemAnd, of course, we can carry out all these projects and the mission, only because we count on the prayers and unconditional help of ours Sisters of San Sebastian Province and with grants from different organisations. Thanks to all of them we can follow awakening smiles, helping some to be able to walk again, facilitating dreams in school for those with an uncertain future, but always with the desire to grow and with thirst for learning.

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