“The Holy Spirit, love of the Father and the Son”

The Holy Spirit, love of the Father and the Son, fills the whole earth.  Jesus has not left us orphans.  Of course the struggle between good and evil continues for, “The Kingdom of Heaven has been subjected to violence.”  In the world there will always be hatred and war, injustice and oppression.

holy-spirit-saint-peter-basilica-romeBut we have been given a Spirit of love and of freedom.  All we have to do is to let Him act and to collaborate with his transforming grace.  When this is the case we can see the signs of the Kingdom: a culture of solidarity, of reconciliation and of life…as opposed to selfishness, hatred and death. Come, Holy Spirit, and renew the face of the earth!”

We need the transforming presence of the Spirit in the Church.  Only He can ensure that in an age of unbelief the people of Jesus will be believers, that in times of discouragement and despair they will continue to hope against all hope, and where there are divisions, and solidarity among peoples is lacking, they will nevertheless continue to love.  We need the Paraclete to guide us into the fullness of truth, to unity within diversity and to freedom where difficult and burdensome social structures are in force.  We need Him to come like the fire and wind of Pentecost.  May he fill us with apostolic courage, may he dispel our fears and our illusions and urge us on with new ardor in our apostolic mission.  “Come, Holy Spirit, and renew the face of the Church.”

1 BluecariWe need the Holy Spirit’s transforming power in the Company.  The Company needs the Holy Spirit’s presence and His gifts of wisdom and counsel in order to discern the signs of the times…

St. Louise expressed the desire that the Company “be dependent on the Holy Spirit.”  Being dependent on the Holy Spirit means letting oneself be guided by the standards of Jesus and not by those of the world, allowing Him to create in us attitudes of evangelical discernment and ongoing conversion to the values of the Vincentian charism.

The Company needs the transforming presence of the Spirit who, like a mighty wind, will steer it and propel it along the path He wants it to follow…

We need the light and the strength of the Spirit to make these a reality in each culture and in every one of our works.  With this in mind we pray: “Come Holy Spirit, we open ourselves to your presence, renew the Company and make it a witness to God’s love for the poor!”

Father Quintano

(Echoes of the Company January 1998)