Testimonies of the Vincentian Marian Youth Members from Poland


From July 15-20 there will be an International Meeting of Spiritual Advisors for the Vincentian Marian Youth in the Motherhouse in Paris. In preparation for that event we gathered a few short testimonies of the VMY Members from Poland, as an example of what the VMY is for these young people.

For me, the Vincentian Marian Youth (VMY) is a multicolored community of people, in which every person is important, because of his/her personality and talents. This is my great joy: that Divine Providence brought us together in this group, so that – through our different actions – we may together contemplate on that great Mystery which is God. In VMY we can grow up in Marian and Vincentian spirituality. Thanks to that, I am not just “religious”; I do not go to church just because I have to, being bored, but I became more aware.


The Vincentian Marian Youth became an everyday reality for me. I have learned that I am not a VMY member only during the meetings, but in all situations, in every moment of the day. Thanks to this membership I have learned how to act as part of a team, and I understood that each of us who is responsible for his own spiritual growth. I met many wonderful peers and the Daughters of Charity, through whom Christ acts everyday…. Thank you!… First of all I thank Mary, Mother of God that I met VMY on the path of my life. And thank you – my dear Friends!


JMV_ChelmnoThe Vincentian Marian Youth is my life Adventure that gives me stunning discoveries about the Holy Virgin. Here I learn to be responsible. Until now I have been successful in that.


The VMY is a community of great people who desire to live Marian and Vincentian spirituality. The Association is very important for me. Here I have met people on whom I can rely. This is a community where we can share our cares and joys, we spend time together, playing and praying. Each of us gives some part of himself to the Association, which is why it is so extraordinary and beautiful. The decision of becoming the member of VMY was one of the best choices in my life.


The Vincentian Marian Youth is a Joy for me. I have devoted half of my life to it. I remember so well the first day and the first meeting as if it was yesterday. VMY is very important for me and it is my happiness, because I could meet so many great people here and now we can spend time together. We can play and pray as a group. Thanks to this community I have learned to see the good, to see the things that bring happiness and bring a smile to people’s faces. I learned that I can count on the others and trust people.

VMY Member