What the Year of Consecrated Life means to a Daughter of Charity

(Testimonies of some Polish Sisters)

The Year of Consecrated Life is a time of grace for sure. This grace calls me to look at what I left behind me, but – first of all – to look into my heart. For me personally the indications given by Pope Francis enlighten the path that is connected with the permanent movement, the dynamics, the reality which the Holy Father named “passion”.

YCL_Testimony_PL(1)I would like this Year (but also other periods of my life) to be gratitude for the past, for all the graces I have received from God for as far as I can remember. I would like each day to be lived with a passion, which I understand as freshness, zeal, seeking for renewal. Within this context I reread these words from the Bible: “See, I will create new heavens and a new earth” (Is 65.17) and these: “I am making everything new!” (Rev 21.5). As for the future, there is a hope – not a vague one, not like an anchor for sinking, but as that mentioned by Saint Peter, for which we have to “give an account” (1 Peter 3,15), which is the certitude of God’s love, the guarantee that God has not been bored with a man.

I want every single day – from its dawn to the end – to be seen through this “key”: “gratitude – passion – hope”.

Sr. Beata DC

“I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you” (Ephesians 1,18).

The Year of Consecrated Life, celebrated within the whole Church, ought to be a privileged and blessed time for every consecrated person. The Church remembers about us in its prayers, asks the Lord for the grace of fidelity, prays that He send out workers into his harvest.

This is a time of gratitude for Jesus trusted me and called me despite my weakness. I want to come back to my personal “tenth hour” (John 1.39), the hour I heard His voice in my heart. I also want to thank God for my Company of the Daughters of Charity, for our Holy Founders, for so many generations of Sisters who walked the same way, giving the testimony of sanctity.

This is also a time of an examination of conscience of my engagement as a Daughter of Charity, of faithfulness to the Lord’s call. I have to ask myself if Saint Vincent – when I meet him one day – will recognize me as his spiritual daughter; what testimony do I give to the Poor whom I am sent to, and to my Sisters.

Finally, I would like to live this year very joyfully, especially together with my Community. I am sure the occasions to show our joy of vocation won’t lack. I am also certain that there will be a lot of moments of giving thanks for every Sister who is a gift from God. I know that God has prepared abundant graces for each of us.

Sr. Małgorzata DC

YCL_Testimony_PL(2)The consecrated life is a life entirely given to our Lord. God chooses and gives His special graces to those who desire to glorify Him with all their hearts through prayer and the service of the Poor and those in need and through simple everyday activities, manifesting the love of God and neighbor.

For me, the Year of Consecrated Life is a time of grace and spiritual renewal. It makes me think of and thank God for all the gifts He sends me unceasingly – especially for His choice to call me to His service. It is also the time of gratitude and deepening the mystery of vocation, but also apologizing for all the moments of being closed to God’s graces.

Sr. Anna DC