Sister Agatha, “Our Lady in my life and vocation” – Mother House – Paris

SAM_0334My name is Sr Agatha Nga NGUYEN. I am Vietnamese, I come from a Christian family of the South of Vietnam, and was baptized the 7th of June, 1970. I would like to share with you the place of Mary in my life.

When I was small I lived in a small city and I learned the “Hail Mary” during the evening prayer with my family. Then my family moved, and because of work schedules, we lost the habit to say the rosary together. Personally, I didn’t pray it any more.

When I was 17 years old, my family passed through a crisis. In this whirlwind, I was tormented; I looked for a solution to come out of my difficulties and sufferings from friendship and leisure in my work, but all that didn’t fulfil my inner emptiness. Finally, I stood back and at the end of the day I started to pray the rosary again. With Our Lady, my heart relaxed and calmed down.

About two years later I recovered the balance, the joy and the sense of my life. After some time of discernment to answer God’s call, I entered in the Company of the Daughters of Charity and I discovered Mary’s central place here. I saw it as a sign of Mary’s presence in my vocation.

SAM_0320At that moment, I told to Our Lady that I would like to love her more but I didn’t know how. Indeed, I didn’t have the spontaneous love of Mary as other people did. The path was shown to me after my formation time when my Superiors asked me to start Marian Youth Groups in the parishes where I was sent. In the years following I accompanied Marian young people. In this service my Marian devotion was fortified.

Since 2010, I have been in the Mother House of the Daughters of Charity and until last year I had the joy of serving the pilgrims in the Medals area. There, with joy I tried to directly transmit Mary’s Message to people. Listening to the Pilgrims I have received a lot from them. Thanks to the exchanges with the pilgrims, I have realised the depth of their Marian devotion and their gratitude to Mary. This shows me clearly the presence of Mary’s action in their hearts. Thanks to them Mary’s love grew in my life. Thanks to the pilgrims the “Good News” transmitted by the Medal goes to the whole world. They are missionaries of Mary and I am also missionary with them and with you.

SAM_0313Now, I understand better that Marian devotion doesn’t consist only to say the rosary, to wear the Medal or to go on a pilgrimage. It is much more. With Mary and like her, I left my personal project to follow the will of God, and this concrete in my daily life.

Mary is my Mother, my model of life “all given to God to serve Christ in the poor”. Thank you Mary!