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DSCN2492“You must be ready to serve those who are poor wherever you are sent: with the army, as you did when you were called there, with poor criminals and, generally speaking, wherever you can assist poor persons, since that is your purpose.”

Constitution 12

From the very beginning, Saint Vincent and Saint Louise, in response to the needs of their time, sent Daughters of Charity to the relief of those who were poor. In this way, they were able to maintain the necessary mobility and availability and to live among those whom they were serving.

The Daughters of Charity are asked all their lives to be available to go to the missions confided to them. At each change of mission they must leave people, Sisters, a mission. Their heart is, at the same time joyful to follow the new call and sad to leave those whom they love. Listen to several thoughts coming from souls in the moments of such deaths and resurrections.

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Availability, where, when, with whom?

Mobility, act of freedom, act of choice?

This morning, a new tomb: a change, a move…

A storm is triggered, why?

Vertigo, flutter, change of season,

Experience invites you to prayer!


Remember, you have gone.

You have left behind your land, the people of your house.

A frail humanity panics and folds

until the day of meeting with Him

who opens the doors of all prisons.


You do not understand everything but you foresee

that things will cross your path

that you could not even consider

a linkage that defies contradiction

which you show to the world



Morning till night, one’s actions, words come over and over,

Wearily living and reliving the same things

Routine discretely sets in,

One by one the days overlap.


A meeting, a letter and the adventure begins

A new place will welcome me,

A new service will begin,

Life takes on a new rhythm, it dances.


I go gently with my thoughts

so as to only find the essential.

The Lord is there, He calls

I know He is at my side.


To let go in order to welcome

It is raining in my garden,

It rains and I am well.

It is raining in my garden,

The flowers sprout along the path.


I passed death,

I was asleep, Life raised me

Death may show itself,

I know that I will live.


The rains came, the earth trembled,

The torrents rushed, the valley is widened,

The storms on the road make travel treacherous.


The boat may pitch, you hang on.

The swell whips you, you joyfully breathe in the spray.

The sea may betray you, your shipmates curse you.

You remain faithful to the Life, who creates your future.