The Company Is Missionary

C. 25a The Company is missionary by nature; it strives to retain the flexibility and mobility needed to respond to the calls of the Church in the face of every form of poverty.


On September 28, 1964, Sister Midon left her mission as Directrice of the Seminary, a mission she held for 23 years. Here are her actual words which she confided to the young Sisters of the Seminary the day she left. Such a wonderful invitation to Hope! A life which gives and opens to others the prospect of giving.

“The good God asks that we give to Him with joy. Continue to love those whom he loves. You are beginning your lives and I am coming to the end of mine. Oh, well! I can tell you in all sincerity that the good God never betrays your hopes and that the words of our Lord in the Gospel, “let it be done for you as you have believed” are true and real. The Holy Spirit is always there as the soul of your soul. When you give yourself to the good God and you enter into the family of Saint Vincent, one could say, with the force of experience and in all truth, that the Holy Spirit never fails. He will overshadow you, just as he overshadowed the Holy Virgin on the day of the Annunciation. Your apostolate of tomorrow is done because of your preparation today. So always live under the shadow of the Holy Spirit. Take care to always conform your will to the Will of God and it is thus that the good God will bless your Seminary and help you to understand all the instructions that you are given

In the extent of your obedience, your humility, your submission of your spirit and if you work at that, it will be your light and a strength. You are in a world that doesn’t believe. You must be a little television of God for the world. I like to cite you the beautiful prayer of the Martyrs of Arras, “Lord, grant that we are so entrenched in your work as to anchor yourself in his love, because then nothing will be difficult.”

jacuzzi-srp1I tell you again, you must be like a little television of Jesus. The world needs this, it needs Christ, to see to believe. It needs Saints. The good Lord calls you to be a saint and it is that saint that you have already started to become. The world must see humility, obedience, the charity of Jesus towards us. As I often say, it is not what we say and what we do but because of who we are and what we do well. Saint Vincent always had the Son of God before his eyes, ah, good. Do that! You must never lose sight of Jesus. Respond with the one who is full of the Spirit of Love, the Blessed Virgin. Ask her to be well anchored in the Spirit of Love.