MISEVI TESTIMONY – The youngest Branch of the Vincentian Family

Life and its circumstances seems to require from us great achievements, spectacular implications, to be superwomen and supermen. We feel this way, we listened, and we have seen this on so many occasions. We are reminded that what is expected from us is, “to be the best students, the best daughters, the best workers, the best friends, the best women/men…”

Take away all these ideas!

01.04.2016 (1)Some days ago Ana, a companion of MISEVI, told me (you can read it in Spain MISEVI’S website) “…that my presence here hardly will be able to take anyone out of the desert in which he or she is. But I like to think that God has called us to Patuka to make some cracks, then with time, if it is not now, a little bit of light will be allowed to pass through.

Thus we are here with these parameters of demands and expectations – but how? To be “the most” amid “the least” doing “the most” only to try “to make cracks?”.

I don’t know what the formula is, but I feel it is necessary to combine an exquisite balance and attitudes of humility, trust, hope to bring out, without laziness or excuses, our talents, our gifts, our qualities, our capacities and put them at the disposition of reality, a reality that demands from us knowledge, collaboration, interdependence…

Articles by Lucia Ramon and José (both in www.cristianismeijusticia.net ) have suggested interesting proposals to me to incorporate into my life and I confess that I am trying to do that. I would like for you to know them and that you will take this invitation and make possible what seems impossible.

01.04.2016 (2)For example, in living a global lifestyle, justice, care, equity, reciprocity, transformation, trust, gratuitousness, heart abundance, happiness, responsibility, generosity, sense, affection, hope, and comfort will all prevail. In the new social contexts we are discovering that we are bound to each other in an indissoluble way, and therefore we are obliged to one another from the depths, from the profound.

The invitation consists in:

  1. Knowing reality
  2. Living reality
  3. Taking care of reality
  4. Being charged by reality

And all this is even more possible, more credible in short distances, in the day to day relationships where one walks closer to one another. For just that reason the presence of missionaries is necessary in different contexts of poverty. Your collaboration is important but your lifestyle is fundamental. Think of it and act on it!

Think, yes… look to your history… look to the people who have given life to you. Look at those who have accompanied you in your first steps, your first letters and words, those who have nagged and corrected you… Many of us have had the luck of growing up in a good family environment, others maybe not… But whatever has been our upbringing, even in spite of it, today we are people who are what we have inherited from our ancestors, from our important people. Think of that and be thankful for it!

As lay people, we have a specific call to discover our mission in family, in work, in civic organizations. Maybe we have this conscience, this commitment, this sense of being a part of our ancestors’ society, maybe be not… but the reality constantly calls our attention to situations of injustice presented all the time in our milieu. Think about it and involve yourself!

Here, in Spain, MISEVI has a commitment and a presence. Each member of full right is implicated in some aspect of the reality that touches him/her closely (family, work, parish, civil, culture, sport, political associations…) At the same time he or she contributes with his or her talents in the workplaces of the Association, either in formation of members, accompaniment and spirituality, communication and marketing, in technological support, administration and economy, or the work in local areas. Maybe we are the youngest of the Vincentian Family Associations but we are taking significant steps to answer the Lay Missionary Vincentian Vocation. Think about it and invite lay people to join!

01.04.2016 (3)And… to what will you invite them? To share the mission, this shared mission that perhaps we don’t know how to define. But it has been taking form, a style, going out of the form that was used until now, complementing all the parts implied to give a better service to our Lords and Masters in this mission. This mission that is not ours, but that of the Lord and, (in this case the Vincentian Family) we are not the owners, but the useless servants who only do what we have been sent to do, in the best possible way. Let us work together, sharing with each other, because the whole body is more than the sum of the parts. Think about it, and take action!