The Company of the Daughters of Charity: Daughters of the Universal Church

During his first audience on 16 March 2013, Pope Francis declared:
“How I would like a Church which is poor and for the poor!”
image-7The Company of the Daughters of Charity: Daughters of the Universal Church

The book of life for the Daughters of Charity (our constitutions) tells us how to embody this wish.

  • Constitution 1a: The Daughters of Charity form a Company recognized by the Church. Under the name of Company of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, Servants of the Poor. The Company participates in the Church’s universal mission of salvation, according to the charism* of its Founders, Saint Vincent de Paul and Saint Louise de Marillac.
  • Constitution 1d: In the various dioceses, it participates, according to its particular spirit, in the pastoral plan determined by the local Ordinary and in the life of the local Church.The Daughters of Charity live their mission throughout world, united by their vocation which invites them to serve the poor in the name of and by following Christ!

In the words of Saint Vincent, it is God, “who desired this Company of young women from various regions and wanted all of them to be of one heart!”

Saint Vincent, 13 February 1646, “Love of Vocation and Assistance to the Poor,” IX, Conf. 24. (C.6)

Each local community can give witness to the encounters with the Lord in each of their insertions, enriching their faith in the relationships that are established as they carry out their missions! The Spirit is at work every day bringing forth new initiatives and each person who is accompanied regains his or her freedom and autonomy.
Like Christ, we are on the way and along the road we stop and take the time needed to renew ourselves, there where so many things can hinder life.
KAZAKHSTAN / ASTANA-LAT 15/00189 Renovation of the house for the Sisters of Mercy "Sestry Miloserdiya" in Shortandy (new roof): Singing together

Our Founders taught us that our presence is service, lived in partnership with all the local actors. Solidarity builds a future and allows us to respond to the many real needs of the most disadvantaged.

“What do you want me to do for you?” from the Lord, places us humbly and together with people searching for their deepest desire.

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With our thanks!
Sister Valérie, Daughter of Charity
Province of Belgium-France-Switzerland