For the poor : Yes-Forgiveness-Thanks-Again. Legion of Honor – Sister Marguerite Tiberghien

Sr Marguerite 2014[Motherhouse] On June 5, 2014, we had the joy of being with Sister Marguerite Tiberghien at the ceremony where she would receive the emblem of Officer in the Order of the Legion of Honor from Father Alain de La Morandais. The celebration was held at the Motherhouse of the Daughters of Charity. A Eucharist of Thanksgiving, presided by Bishop Hervé Itoua, former bishop of Ouesso (Congo- Brazzaville), was held before the official ceremony.

Father Alain de La Morandais gave a speech before giving emblem. He traced the long journey of Sister Marguerite with the very poor, notably the creation of l’Ecole Spéciale (Special School) in Congo-Brazzaville and her work in education for all. Four words accompanied his presentation: Yes-Thanks-Forgiveness-Again. Four words very connected to the service of all Daughters of Charity throughout the world.

After receiving the badge of the Legion of Honor, Sister Marguerite gave several words of gratitude. She spoke of the history of the Motherhouse and that of the Legion of Honor. Two histories full of important events, such as the apparition of the Blessed Virgin to St. Catherine in our Chapel.

She also recalled the work of those who have given the best of their lives for a better world.

The evening ended with a buffet meal where all the guests congratulated Sister Marguerite and shared their joy.

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