Four sisters who were all Daughters of Charity.

[Province of St. Louise, USA] Sister Jean Marie Wheeler, 98, and Sister Elaine Wheeler, 96, died a day apart last week in St. Louise House, a retirement community for the Daughters of Charity, Province of St. Louise.  The two were blood sisters and were preceded in death by Sister Madeleine Wheeler, Sr. Elaine’s identical twin, and Sister Zoe Wheeler.  A fifth sister was a Religious of the Sacred Heart, making 5 of the 7 girls in their family who entered religious life.  Their other two sisters married and had children.

All the Sisters who were Daughters of Charity were educators and good ones at that.  And they all shared their talents with one another as well as in the general community.  For example, when Sister Zoe wanted to build a loft in her classroom, Sister Elaine drew up the plans and Sister Madeleine made pillows for the children to sit on!  All were creative and tireless in their service of those who were poor.  Their lives are a great example to us of “love inventive to infinity”!

Several US news outlets have published the story of the Sisters including:

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