Fr Fernando Quintano (former General Director) a gift from God for the Church

[Spain] September 25, 2019. Remembrance of Fr. Fernando Quintano, C. M. at his funeral Mass at Parish Church of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Basilica – Madrid

Brethren we congregate today, in this temple, to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, to give thanks for the existence of Fr. Fernando Quintano, priest of the Congregation of the Mission, to also to pray for him, although we are sure that he is already enjoying the glory of the Lord.

Fernando Quintano was a gift from God for the Church, for the Congregation of the Mission, for the Company of the Daughters of Charity, for the poor. Therefore, it is good to set this Eucharist with a few pieces of its journey.

Fernando Quintano was born 83 years ago in a Burgos town called Arraya de Oca. He entered the Congregation of the Mission in September 1952. And he was ordained a priest in June 1961, one year before the beginning of the Second Vatican Council.

In the human, priestly, Vincentian and apostolic life of Fr. Fernando Quintano, as in the life of each one of us, there are several stages that shape and configured his identity and mission. We will highlight the three most significant stages that give us a more accurate idea of his being and work.

The first stage began, as a missionary, in Argentina. There, in the famous Shrine of Our Lady of Lujan, the ” Pearl of Silver”, a very young Fernando Quintano breathed new airs into the traditional pastoral and he was unifying evangelization with social promotion.

The second stage took place on his return to Spain after ten years. Here, it was fully introduced in the parish pastoral. Practically, he was the first parish priest of Regina Mundi parish, in Granada, in 1976. He set up the elemental scaffolding so that the parish began to walk according to the letter and spirit of the Second Vatican Council.

His third stage was the longest and the most fruitful. It was the stage of “companion, advisor, animator, director”. First, as Provincial Director of the Daughters of Charity of the Province of Madrid-Santa Luisa, appointed on May 30, 1980. Then, as General Director of the Company of the Daughters of the Charity, on January 18, 1994, the first Spanish General Director. The conferences, writings, projects, interventions … during this stage would deserve a compilation and a publication for its depth and actuality. In this stage is the mature, thoughtful, wise and insightful Fernando Quintano, scrutinizing the signs of the times.

This stage of “government” was completed, in the Congregation of the Mission, with several services:  Provincial Counsellor in 1991 and 2012 of the former Madrid Province, and Superior in several Communities: Granada, Burgos, Garcia de Paredes, 45 … The government always based on community animation and fraternal communion.

And, above all, Fr. Fernando Quintano was a believer with deep convictions, a priest surrendered without reservation to evangelization, a Vincentian full of love to his Congregation and a Vincentian with a clear choice for the poor and marginalized.

We give thanks to the Lord for his life and for his work, and, in the midst of pain for his sad loss, we sing an alleluia of joy and hope because we believe, as he so often preached, taught and testified, in the victory of the risen Christ.

Celestino Fernandez, C. M.

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