“Given to God for the service of Christ in the Poor,” Meeting of Sisters Preparing for Vows for the First Time.

[Provinces of Spain] At last August arrived! All nerves and dreams come true. We arrived at Soria, a beautiful city of Castile-Leon, where Sisters of the Sacred Heart School community waited for us with open arms.

We arrived in Soria with the desire to bring to life the advice from many Sisters: “make the most of it”, “be soaked”, “this time does not repeat”, and “enjoy your moment”. The first day was a time to meet, share and remember anecdotes of our beginnings as Sisters who have accompanied one another during this process…

Together we enjoyed the culture, tradition, and gastronomy of Soria; we walked its streets, we fell in love with the Douro River landscape; we were surprised by the beauty of Saint Saturio hermitage and we were conquered by the “Sorianita” pizza. We promise to return! The sound of bells from the nearby Clarisse and Carmelites convents: this was the frame of preparation for our vows.

Father Corpus introduced us to the theme that we should have as our deepest conviction: that “the Rule of the Daughters of Charity is Christ”, He is the center of our life and hence the need to “Return always to the Gospel” (IAD).

We deepened in the juridical and canonical identity of the Company in the Church but, above all, we have delved into the charismatic-theological identity of our vocation of Daughters of Charity. We have seen how our specific vow of service to Christ in the Poor gives the “Specific nuance” to our way of living the practice of the Evangelical Councils of Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience. We have a very clear understanding of what are the characteristics of the Vows of the Daughters of Charity, and that the Constitutions explains very well what the Company understands about them in fidelity to its Founders.

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The last day, in the afternoon, Sister Eva Sáez joined us, to give her testimony of how the experience of the Evangelical Councils has evolved in her life. Listening to her has been for us going back in time and putting ourselves back in “the beginning of the beginning”. That radicalism, which some call madness, of not desiring the same as all the rest … of facing fears that we did not even know existed. That leaving behind of “things” that seem fundamental but little by little, with time, space and people who accompany you, take their place and make us grow. We have to realize that there will be many times when we will have to remember the why and what we are here for, in what we “put” and in what we “invest” forces, time, and many others things that will give us the opportunity of giving color to the more grey days. That we have always in mind the certainty that we do not make the way alone.  At the end of her exposition, Sister Eva invited us to share experiences, key moments, uncertainties … we ended the afternoon with a prayer of thanksgiving.

To end these days the community sisters gave us a day of recreation. A moment of encounter, union, creating even stronger ties, enjoying, sharing, living … Once again, they show us that appearances are deceiving … Soria is a great place and great people with whom we have been able to discover it!

We cannot stop giving THANKS: to the Lord who does not let himself be outdone in generosity!! To the Company, for offering and giving us these moments of growth and deepening. To the sisters who have accompanied us, we wish to tell you, “you have made these days unforgettable”. To our Communities, for making it possible for us to live something like that … where we were, you were also.

We can only say that our expectations were high, but that they have been by far exceeded!

Participating sisters

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