Gold Medal to the Daughters of Charity in Guadalajara

guadalajara[Province of Santa Luisa – Spain] The Gold Medal of the Province of Guadalajara was given to the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul for their irreplaceable social work during two centuries. The Medal was accepted by Sister Ana María Esteras, the superior of the community.

April 25th this past year the Guadalajara Deputation celebrated its 200th anniversary. They programmed diverse activities to commemorate the life of this institution in charge of the service to the people of villages and towns of the Province. The presentation of the Gold Medal of the Province to the Daughters of Charity took place in the packed Hall of St Joseph Centre, with the presence of Lady Mayor, Councillors, and diverse authorities of the Province. There were various Silver medals, Gold badges and recognition to a dozen people connected with the Institution and in recognition of their work.

Marta Valdenebro, the Culture Councillor, opened the ceremony explaining the value of the Deputation as an institution who helps and supports villages and towns. She explained the distinctions of the people and entities that were to receive awards for their work and relationship with the Deputation.

Sister Ana: “The work of collaboration is fruitful, let us continue working together”.

After the presentation of all the awards, Sister Ana Maria Esteras, superior of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, the congregation who received the Gold Medal of the Province of Guadalajara, addressed a word to those present, thanking for the honour received. “It is a great honour to be present and have the privilege of greeting everyone, and we are honoured in the reason for our presence here.    

She recalled how the Deputation began after the approval of the Constitution of 1812, ”to serve society“ and the importance of the services they have been providing during two centuries “to promote the provincial prosperity in diverse areas”.

“The sisters thank all who have collaborated in this recognition.” She said that, “on the 1st of April 1838 the Deputation decided to open the orphanage in their old convent and they were asked to care for it. It evolved over the years until finally ending as St Joseph School, where they were until it passed to be under the responsibility of ‘La Junta.”

In 1856, the Social Welfare of the Province requested the collaboration of the sisters in the Provincial Hospital (the actual Social-Health complex of La Merced), in which they have remained until it passed to be under “La Junta”.

Sister Ana pointed out “This Gold Medal is shared with those who have worked together with us and with the sick.” And she concluded: “All the good we have done has been thanks to God and the shortcomings in our work from the weakness as human beings.” She gave thanks on behalf of all the people who have won the awards. The work in collaboration is fruitful and enriches those who do it and those who received it. Let us continue working together in the undertaking of good deeds” .

Mr. Vicente Tirado recalled what Sr Ana María said, that “the human person is fundamental”, and I say that “it should be the centre of the political action. That it is why we have to think what we can do to improve the life of all men and women,” and He encouraged the society to, “follow the values of the Daughters of Charity and give our hands to those who need it most”.


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