Good Initiative – First Solidarity Shop in Albacete

economato4[Santa Luisa Province – Spain] Caritas Albacete, the Vincentian Family and El Sembrador Foundation (The Sower Foundation) with the help of the City Council have started the First Solidarity Shop that pursues, “easing in a dignified manner the situations of hardship which many families face.” This was highlighted by the president of Caritas Albacete, Carmen Escribano, when presenting the program to the press. This resource is located on Teniente Rueda Street in a municipal building borrowed by the Council for five years, with the possibility of other five.    

Escribano hopes, “it will not be necessary for so many years” because the crisis situations will improve and there will not be as many families who need help to be able to have basic food.

Attention to needy people   

She explained that, “families with economic and personal problems will be able to acquire food, hygiene and cleaning products at 25% of their cost at this store.” In this way people who go to this supermarket will be able to select and buy what they really need and like, covering their basic needs in a dignified way. The rest of the cost of the purchases will be paid by the sponsoring organizations.

The Vincentian Family and the Diocesan Caritas of Albacete, through the Caritas of Parishes and the Municipal Social Services, will be in charge of sending families in grave situations to the Solidarity Shop.    They previously will have carried out an individualized evaluation of their circumstances.

The Solidarity Shop will be open on Mondays and Thursdays from 5 to 7 p.m. with supervision from volunteers from the Vincentian Family and the Diocesan Caritas. They will be in charge of the warehouse, buying products, the accounts, checkout, cleaning and welcome and following up of people who will use this service.

People attending the Solidarity Shop will have a card with their personal details and the monthly amount they have for purchases, based on their income and family members.

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