Gratitude to our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

2[Province of San Vincenzo – Italia] Miss Rosanna Rossi desires to publicly express her testimony and her gratitude to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal from whom she received a particular grace. The Chapel she is referring to is located in Grosseto (Italy). It was built in 1936 by the Sister Servant of the community of the Daughters of Charity who was there at that time. The Chapel is open to the public and visited by people who honor and faithfully pray with a particular devotion the Holy Virgin.

“Thank you, Holy Virgin of the Miraculous Medal! Finally, after 42 years, I am writing my thanks for the special grace I received back on November 19, 1972. Because of a serious accident I could have been dead, or worse – I could be still alive in a wheelchair, giving my father and my mother a hard time. The Virgin helped me. On that occasion, as always, I was wearing the medal that saved me and the three people who were in the car.

The designs of God are inscrutable and only the Holy Virgin knows them. Belonging to the children of Mary, I have been consecrated to her since I was 16 years old, so I feel myself an instrument in her hands. During my whole life I can see her intervention in my life: the Virgin Mary engaged me in teaching literature to pre-teens, catechesis of the Sacraments and anything she wanted. The Holy Virgin welcomed me when I was little to a small kindergarten run by the Daughters of Charity, especially Sister Pia Campolungo, my teacher, who taught me how to pray in the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal, close to the Institute where I went to school. This relationship to the chapel accompanied me for my whole life until now.

Immediately after my terrible accident, at the suggestion of a Daughter of Charity, Sr. Felicita Marchetti, Sister Servant of the Institute, I wanted to present my thanks for the grace received by donating a stained glass to the Chapel depicting the Virgin with the globe in her hands protecting the whole world and each soul in particular. It is a simple testimony that makes one reflect. But it is not enough, because, as Pope Francis taught, we have to say “thank you” to the heavenly Mother not only for the great things, but also for those little daily ones.

Thank you again Virgin of the Miraculous Medal for the graces you bestowed and for the ones you still want to give us.”

A Daughter of Charity of the Community of Grosseto

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