My Vocation

“God’s Promises Never Fail”

Family plays an important role in inculcating faith
and life situations can deepen this instilled faith.

Because of poverty, my father only finished the elementary school level; my mother worked hard to earn her university degree. After six years of marriage, they were blessed with six children and two of them are now in consecrated life: Fr. Michael Quilantang Nievales, our eldest and an Opus Dei and myself, a Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (DC). During our early years (4-5 years old), our parents brought us to actively participate in Church activities and organizations. Further, we went to Mass together every Sunday.

My parents also taught us to have devotion and love for the Blessed Virgin Mary and we expressed these in our praying the Angelus and the Rosary every evening as well as in becoming members of Our Lady of Lourdes Organization. This love for the Blessed Virgin Mary led me to join the Association of the Children of Mary (VMY/CoM) when I was in high school at Marillac Academy (now known as St. Louise de Marillac School of Miagao). The Association led me to see in a deeper way the poverty of the people when we visited their homes every 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month. Being with the Sisters in School also made me think “How is it to become a Daughter of Charity?” Prior to my high school graduation, I expressed to a Sister my desire to join the Company but she encouraged me to “Get mature and first explore life outside.” I felt rejected yet I continued to believe in God’s plan and wisdom. I believe that planting the faith is not enough, I need to spread my roots of faith in the ground. While exploring life outside, I continued to discern God’s plan for me.

In the middle of my university life, I had an invitation from a Sister to work as a part-time computer encoder in Marillac Academy. I accepted and after graduation, I was offered the job, full-time. With my dreams, the needs of my family and the promising life outside, I did not think of joining the Company of the Daughters of Charity anymore. Until June 2002 during the Personnel’s Day of Prayer… I saw in my imagery St. Vincent de Paul holding my hand saying: “Let us fly to the other side of the sea.” As we reached the other side of the sea, I saw a large crowd of sick people and my heart was moved with pity. St. Vincent sincerely looked at me and told me, “These people are waiting for you…. this is now the time to harvest. My child, someday you will immerse yourself and be with them.”

God has been so generous in my life and I am certain He will take care of my family, infinitely more than I will be able to. The imagery told me that the TRUE promising life comes from God who is my heart’s desire. On November 27, 2002, feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, I took courage and risked joining the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul.

I am now 15 years as a DC and currently missioned as a nurse in San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc., an institution with a college for medical courses and a hospital; it is administered by the Daughters of Charity. Each day, in the faces of sick persons, I can see that “God’s Promises Never Fail” (cf. Joshua 21:45). Vocation is holding on to GOD’S PROMISES… having COURAGE… and taking RISKS.

Sr. Ma. Sharon Quilantang Nievales,DC
(Province of St. Louise de Marillac-Asia)