My Vocation

Very young I thought of entering the Carmel. When I talked about it with my mother she told me I was too young and that I had time. She told me to keep praying. Around the age of 15 I talked about it with the parish priest who knew me well and with whom I met regularly. He said the following to me: “No, Françoise, the Carmel is not for you, but finish your studies first.”

So, I decided to become a nurse and I worked in a hospital. After meeting the Sisters in my workplace, I again thought of religious life and consecrating myself to those who are sick. I realized that I could enter the Company of the Daughters of Charity to live in community and continue to serve those who are sick.

When I visit the sick I am happy to relate with the patients and their families. Being attentive is paramount as well as accompanying the person. I am taken with the faith, trust and serenity with which some sick persons approach their death. They know that they go towards Life and the long-awaited meeting with God.

Now I can say that I have no regrets on this path and that I have had the grace of serving the sick since I entered the Company 50 years ago.

Sr Françoise, Daughter of Charity