My Vocation

God is love

A vocation is a meeting with Love. A vocation is Love, it is Jesus. He is looking for the one who will answer his call, “Follow me.”

That is how it has been with me since I heard this call, “Will you follow me?” I knew that He was looking for me. He, who for centuries has predestined me for himself, loved with a boundless love.

It was February. Late at night lying in bed and unable to fall asleep such thoughts passed through my head: Does not Jesus call me to “follow him?” I rejected these thoughts, but they returned to me in the following days and months. And finally on the last day of August I answered him, “Yes, Lord. You know everything, you know that I love you with such fragile and weak love, but I will and I want to serve you in the Vincentian charism.”

It was my happiest day when, dressed in a navy blue dress for the first time as a Postulant, I walked down the center of the chapel to my designated place. I was the happiest person in the world. This day is engraved in my heart and it continues to this day, already 22 years later. When I think about it, it’s like it was yesterday.

Thanks to His grace, happiness and a sense of choice have never disappeared from my heart and thoughts. I am happy because I belong to Jesus as His daughter – a Daughter of Charity, Daughter of God Himself, who for centuries chose me and was destined to reveal His Love to the world.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your Love.

Sr. Dorota, Szumilino – Belarus, Warsaw Province