My Vocation


“You are the source of life, in your light we see light”

I am Sister Nadège Laure MBOMEN TCHAMBA, Daughter of Charity of the Province of the Cameroon. It was about three or four years ago that I heard the call of the Lord in my heart.

Indeed, while in kindergarten, I was very struck by the behavior of Sister Marie Hélène MONFO, my teacher (Daughter of the Holy Family of Bafoussam, my diocese of origin). She was sweet, simple, welcoming and hardworking. Always smiling, she never raised her voice under any circumstance, knew how to take each child with love and tenderness, unlike the violence that surrounded. In short, she was different. Whenever she had to pick up a child, far from shouting or beating him, she called him, listened to him, and advised him. Faced with this attitude, I said to myself: “Only a sister acts with so much love, sweetness and tenderness”. This is the trigger of my vocation.

One day, again amazed by this attitude of my teacher, when I was back home, I told my parents that I wanted to be Sister. The answer was a smile then: “These are the dreams of little children”. My parents did not believe in it, but I, while growing up, had that desire grow in me.

Two or three years later, when Sister Hélène received her re-assignment, I wanted to go with her but she said to me: “Study until you obtain your Certificate of Primary and Elementary Study and I will come and get you. Her answer reassured me and from then on, I was in a hurry to get my diploma at the end of primary school. At the age of 10, I wanted to start my training as a Sister but my dad encouraged me to study until the Baccalaureate.

I wanted to be a Sister without knowing what congregation.

Two years before obtaining my Baccalaureate, I had the grace of receiving a leaflet of the Daughters of Charity from a priest. When I read it, I knew immediately that it was there that the Lord wanted me. My heart was full of joy and gratitude to God and my parish priest. I made contact with them and the Sisters journeyed with me until I entered the pre-postulate.

The Lord has led me step by step, through joy and pain. During my journey, including postulancy, seminary and during the initial training on mission, I went through very difficult periods (illness, family difficulties, death of a parent, great misunderstanding) Sometimes doubts about my vocation and the temptation to leave the company. But in his love and great mercy for me, the Lord has always been able to enlighten me, to set me on my path and, at the right moment, the person able to help me out of the darkness. Through various means and events, the Lord made it clear to me that He wanted me in the Community, full of joy, hope and perseverance.

It is a great joy to know I am loved and chosen by the Lord and his Blessed Mother; trust in this love is the strength that keeps me on the road despite any difficulties. Thanks to his mercy towards me, I have learned to be merciful to others: “Mercy liberates the heart, gives life back and lets me see in the other, my brother, my sister.

I know that with Jesus Christ my light, the prayerful assistance of the Virgin Mary, the only Mother of the Company, our Holy Founders and all the virtuous persons who have preceded us on this path, everything is possible; I just have to believe it.

“The love of the Lord is not exhausted, his compassion is renewed each morning”.