Sisters’ Voices

Daughter of Charity? Why not? 

Whenever I trace the Gospel, I discover Jesus in love with the poor, the little ones, those who does not count …
To feel chosen by Him is to follow His footsteps, to discover in prayer that He asks me to be His witness, to offer my hands to serve Him, my lips to speak of Him, my feet to accompany Him and go out to meet those who need me, the poor.
To be a Daughter it is to give Him back, from my poverty, everything that He has given to me and feel He calls me Daughter of Charity.

Sister Socorro Campos, Madrid-Santa Luisa Province


“Everyone must recognize a daughter of Charity.: simple and true; humble without reserve; detached from herself; attentive to the needs of others; available; truly born of the love of God, in order to give all this love …” (M. Guillemin 19/9/1964)

This is the program of a life on the path determined by constant tension with the ideal. I cannot say that a special event made me understand that the Lord was calling me, but I felt “pushed” to devote myself full time to my neighbours, in a life choice different from marriage whose features were not clear to me … What finally made me decide was the meeting with a simple and true Daughter of Charity, attentive to the needs of others.
The needs of the Vocation have arisen with the passing of time, I have gone through turbulent times which have revealed me to myself and revealed the joys of meaningful relationships. I have experienced and I am still experiencing that – as the psalm says – “the Lord will watch over you when you go out and when you enter …”, His Fidelity supports me, commits me and His presence in Poor people, our Lords and Masters, is a school of life that keeps me anchored to a concrete spirituality.
So, I turn to you, girl or young woman, who feels attracted by a fascinating and mysterious Force, to answer “yes” to the One who loves you with an eternal Love and – through you – wants to love especially our most abandoned brothers and sisters.

Sr. Paola Mollo DC, 47 years old and 22 of vocation