Sisters’ Voices

Daughter of Charity? Why not?

As a Daughter of Charity for 63 years, of which 43 spent in mission ad gentes, I thank the Lord always and everywhere that he has called me to follow him in the “Little Company” … to do what? Saint Vincent tells us: Daughters of Charity, what is your ideal? Do what Jesus Christ did when he was on earth! Do good to the sick, the poor, children and infirm of every kind.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for calling me to continue what you did when you were with us! Your Grace has always helped me, I always feel your presence and I ask you to forgive my weaknesses and not having loved you as you loved me!

Sr. Maria Luisa Argiolas DC – 83 years of age and 63 of vocation


In my village, I always paid attention to widows, persons with epilepsy or mental illness. When a Priest of the Sacred Heart showed me a brochure for the Daughters of Charity and I saw how they were consecrated to Christ in the service of those who are poor, I rejoiced deeply. 

Then, I discovered community life.  Today it is a joy for me to live together in community for service.  It is the first place where I was part of the service of Christ in poor persons and I am very happy.

Sr Brigitte Domkam (Cameroon)