Sisters’ Voices

Daughter of Charity? Why not?

My vocation was born at the age of 13 during a homily when the priest explained the Gospel of Matthew 25, «What you do the least of these, you do to me. » I got to know the Daughters of Charity at the age of 24, thanks to a priest of my parish to whom I presented my desire to consecrate my life to God. He asked me, “What cogregation do you wish to enter?” I told him I didn’t know any congregations but that I wanted to join one that loved the poor. He told me that he knew the Daughters of Charity and that they were given to the poor. From that moment on I was in contact with them.

What attracted me to the Daughters of Charity was the service of those who are poor, love of the poor and the fraternal life in common.

What makes me happy, first of all, in serving those who are poor is knowing that I serve Christ by serving the poor and also that being in community supports my vocation. I give thanks to the Lord for calling me to serve him in the Company.

Sister Marie Goretti MUKANKUSI, Daughter of Charity
Province of Central Africa