My Vocation

“And everyone who has left houses, brothers, sisters, father, mother, children or land for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times as much, and also inherit eternal life.” (Mt19,29)

When I was a little girl, I liked to play house… Colourful dolls were my daughters and teddy bears my sons. I drove them in a pram, looked after them, fed them, changed clothes,I healed them when they were “sick.” Everyone had their own name… The classic play of a little girl… And now, after many years in the kindergarten where I am serving, I look at the girls who play with the same fun I did.

In each of us is a desire to be important to somebody and to be loved by somebody… JESUS bestowed on me his unconditional love. He called me and invited me to go through my life with Him, the Spouse. One day he showed me that he has a plan for me that he wanted me to become a Servant – a Daughter of Charity, one who will love others as much as He does – unconditionally.

I work in the kindergarten today. An extraordinary, unique place and at the same time ordinary and simple. It would seem that no big things are happening here. But it is God himself who sends us these children. He wants us to sow seeds of good in them, so that they themselves will be “good people”.

My everyday life in the kindergarten is a common prayer, fun, learning, simple gestures and activities like brushing, sometimes feeding, but always with the assurance of Jesus, “Whatever you did to one of the smallest ones you did it to Me.”(Mt25,31) Jesus, My Master, especially loved children, and today I am learning to love them as they are! I often receive from them lessons of honesty and simplicity, creativity and the fact that love is creative. Serving among the youngest gives me a lot of joy. In it I discover Jesus who helps me to enter the world of a child. And every child is a different world. Thanks to that He shapes me and allows me to experience that He is close. It is enough to put on “glasses of faith” and see Him in the smallest ones – which I learn every day!







Sr Natalia, Province of Cracow