My Vocation

My wonderful vocation as Daughter of Charity

I am Sr Maria Felicita. My name embodies the call to “Beatitude”. I grew up in a family with a very Christian mother. She gave me the greatest gift, the gift of the knowledge of God. Her greatest concern has always been that of making me feel good spiritually! She always told me: “What matters in life is to struggle to become good and pleasing to the Lord. In life you do not have to do what you want, but the will of God! “

To this great “school” of my mother was added the Daughters of Charity. Those women consecrated to God, so welcoming and serene, so attentive to us young people, transmitted to me the beauty and joy of a life given to the service of our brothers and sisters.

One day, one of them with a very sure voice, pointed to the Crucifix and said: “Jesus calls you!”. I was young, I had my dreams, but they did not coincide with God’s will!

One day I was on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Medjugorje, when I was seized by the merciful love of God who, in an instant, transformed me into a new creature!

Suddenly I opened my eyes and I realized that the “Supreme Good” wanted me for Himself! Shocked, amazed and fascinated, I found myself in love with God! Looking at my situation, I can state that, the grace of God, many times, is successfully grafted onto human stubbornness. Everything is possible to Him !!!!

The more I think about it, the more I perceive my vocation as a miracle! A gift that still leaves me amazed! Today, after 32 years of vocation, I continue to thank him because I feel, more than ever, like a happy and in-love bride!

Sr. Maria Felicita Panzeri, Province of San Vincenzo – Italia