My Vocation

“What shall I return to the Lord for all his goodness to me”? Ps 116

First of all, I would like to thank God for calling me to the human vocation, the Christian vocation and the vocation to the consecrated life. It is for the latter that today I address millions of thanks to God, to my blood family for not refusing to let me pursue my dream which has come to fruition, and to my religious family who, from the moment I expressed my desire, have welcomed me in following my specific vocation to serve Christ in the person of the poor.

Thank you, all Daughters of Charity, who contributed to my formation directly or indirectly, privately and tangibly.

Celebrating my jubilee of Consecrated Life means witnessing God’s faithfulness to me. God is always faithful to his promises. These 25 years of vocation also give meaning to what I have learned and I will continue to learn: I have learned to see Christ in the poor and the poor in Christ, I have realized that Christ is the center of my life, I have also learned joy, patience, listening, unconditional love, tolerance, humility, simplicity, charity, respect, mutual forgiveness, and so much more.

Thanks, my God, for everything!

Sr Daria Izabel E. Lipangue Dc, Province of Mozambique