“I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

170203 migrants 31[Motherhouse, Quasi Province] From January 16 – 26, 2017, 69 Daughters of Charity from 21 Provinces and 1 Region of the Company in Europe gathered at the Mother House for the 2nd International Session for Sisters serving migrants. In her Welcome, Sr. Kathleen Appler, referring to the unimaginable suffering of migrants and victims of human trafficking, encouraged the Sisters to “… listen and learn.  Discover compassionate and attainable pathways to assist those caught in this crisis. Let the resolutions which will be birthed at this encounter assure our migrant brothers and sisters that we will never leave them alone …”

The Session was enriched by conferences from experts, testimonies from the Sisters and from migrants, and many exchanges among the participants.  The Encounter ended with a “send-off” from Sr. Francoise Petit. She recognized the trusting atmosphere that enabled the participants to share freely and deeply.   She acknowledged that the convictions, desires, and concrete actions offered as a result of the Encounter are attainable despite very real obstacles.  Our dream of working together is  now possible!

A Eucharistic Celebration in the Chapel, presided over by Fr. Bernard Schoepfer, formally closed the Encounter.

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