International Vincentian Session – August 30 – September 28, 2013

session1[Motherhouse] Five Sisters coming from the four corners of the earth (Indonesia, India, Brazil, Nigeria) and working for a time of service at the Motherhouse put together the “fruits” they received at this session :

For us, it was truly the right time to renew and deepen our Faith and our Vincentian Charism.  We experienced this time in great joy and in the hope to be transformed by the Holy Spirit into true and good Daughters of Charity.

The pilgrimages to the sources of the Company helped us to know the places where our Founders lived.  They were an opportunity to confirm our love for the Charism.  We felt as if we were plunged into Faith and Vincentian spirituality and we heard strongly the call to renew our sense of belonging to the Company in order to better proclaim the Kingdom of God to poor persons, the true heirs.

What touched us the most were the documents in the Archives, all the heritage of the Company, beginning with Saint Vincent and Saint Louise.  Despite wars, revolutions, political or social upheavals, it showed that the spirit of the Company, the Vincentian spirit, is always alive in the service of those who are poor.  It is truly the work of God; God loves our Company.  We had the grace to drink the pure water, to drink from the wisdom of our origins.

The stories of the lives of St. Vincent, St. Louise, our first Sisters, St. Catherine and also our Spanish martyrs moved our hearts.  Whether they faced difficulty in their service, their relationships, with disturbances in their countries, they showed unconditional love of God, and a joyous acceptance of life.  Faith in Divine Providence was their source of courage, their light on their spiritual journey and the anchor for the new communities.  The clear presentation of the Identity of the Daughters of Charity, their vows, commitment to God also gave us much to think deeply about.

In the luminous Faith of all the Saints and Blesseds of the Vincentian family, we find strength for the future, for witnessing to our Faith and going towards the poor who await us.  “God loves the poor and, consequently, He loves those who love the poor,” St. Vincent tells us.

“God created us to serve Jesus Christ in those who are poor, that’s our mission,” said Sr. Evelyne, our Superioress General.  According to her, the local community helps us to keep alive the flame of the charism and to grow in our sense of being a part of the Company.

We were very happy to meet the Daughters of Charity from around the world, all of whom serve the poor in the same spirit.  The exchanges in groups, preceded by personal reflection, were very enriching.

Little by little many of the expectations expressed the first day of the session came to be realized.  We would like to share the “fruits” of this session with all the people we are going to meet along our pilgrimage of Faith alongside the poor.

Thank you from all our heart and we thanks to God who was with us and guided us during the session.

Sister Brigita, Sister Mary Juliet, Sister, Sister Scholastica and Sister Valdirene

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