Interprovincial Meeting of Young Sisters – Province of Recife

Recife 11 thmb“We must always contemplate the mystery of mercy. It is a source of joy, serenity and peace”. (Pope Francis)

[Province of Recife/PE] The first Interprovincial meeting of young sisters of the provinces of Amazônia, Fortaleza and Recife was held from February 26th to 29th, 2016. The Province of Recife was the host of this meeting where all were welcomed joyfully to this center.

The opening took place with a time of animation, followed by welcome words by Sr. Maria Ilza Ferreira, Visitatrix of the Province ofRecife, motivating us to open our hearts, to let us be involved with the merciful face of God. After, Sister Patricia Regina Almeida, Recife’s Seminary Directress and responsible for Young Sisters of the Province, expressed her joy at  having us. Through a spiritual moment the Sisters of the Province dynamically presented the interprovincial Logo for the 40 young  Sisters  and other Sisters present.

Recife 40The theme “Mercy: condition for a happy consecration” was reflected in three aspects, the first being “mercy himself” reflected by Father José Fabricio Cabral, Formator Seminar of Palmares-PE Diocese, master of religious education. He Invited us to live an authentic freedom in the ordinary life we choose, in the root of true friendship and in spontaneity that generates confidence in the experience of brotherly love. He Invited us, above all, to forgiveness of ourselves in this year so that we can give all of ourselves to others redeemed through the love that we receive.

The second aspect, “Mercy in fraternal life,” was given by Sister Fabiola Furtado, Daughter  of Charity, who fraternally shared with us her experience of life in community, saying insistently, “It’s in living the fraternal life that mercy needs to occur, because both go together” and again: “there is one community where there is mutual love.”  She concluded with a question: “Are my face and my community today of mercy?”.

Recife 30The third aspect, “Mercy with the brothers we serve,” was presented by Don Antonio Tourinho Neto, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife and episcopal vicar for consecrated and religious life, CNBB NE II. Very simply, he said that in the thought of Pope Francis, the Church must be at the service of all miseries, being the home of mercy and charity. He drew a parallel with the thought of the Founders, based on our Constitutions telling us that the Company should be at the service of all miseries, being the home of mercy and charity. He dared us to ask ourselves: “A Daughter of Charity who is not compassionate is doing what in the company? (…) Be careful not to be a Sister stumbling block hindering the advancement of the Kingdom of God (…) we are productive evangelizers. ” He warned us also how to care for the “spiritual cancer” that can wither the Company: attachment and fear. He said that mobility is essential in our lives: “mobility requires detachment and all detachment is an exercise of poverty.” He concluded quoting C.15 asking us to be like Mary, humble and faithful servant, having a poor heart, capable of transforming a ‘barnyard animals in the house of Jesus’ (Pope Francis).

Recife 20Also,there were other significant moments: the well prepared and dynamic liturgy; a cultural evening in an atmosphere of brotherhood; relaxation for a good rapport; sharing in groups and in plenary sessions about the concrete experiences of mercy to ourselves, in the community and service to the poor; a visit to Dom Hélder Câmara Memorial to contemplate  holy mercy to the poor; pilgrimage to the Cathedral (door of mercy). There was also a time of community leisure or relaxationto know the historic events of Recife and we did visit one of our communities in Olinda / PE which works  with children in a vulnerable social situation.

We address our gratitude to God for these days of fraternity, formation and prayer.  For the Recife Province, on the behalf of their Visitatrix, for all thatshe has provided for us to live fully through this meeting. For the Amazon Province, Sister Rosa Maria Leite dos Santos, and the Fortaleza Province, on behalf  of Sister Ana Amélia Guedes da Cunha, we give thanks  for all the encouragement and help received. We also thank Sisters Cecilia Sá Miranda and Conceição Silveira, responsible for our groups,fortheir friendly and fraternal presence during these days.

Mary, only Mother of the Company, model of fidelity , help us to be faithful to our vocation and mission.


Sr. Eriane Guimarães da Assunção, F. C. (Province of Amazônia)
Sr. Francisca Ceriza da Silveira, F. C. (Province of  Fortaleza)
Sr. Márcia Gardênia maia da Silva, F. C. (Province of Recife)

Recife 10

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