Journey towards Hope is a right of every human being

[Province of Spain-South] In the face of an immense field of pain and needs we think that our small gestures of help are almost useless. Nothing could be more wrong. This short summary of a “Journey to Hope” aims humbly to demonstrate the opposite.

Jacobo is a twenty-six-year-old sub-Saharan youth, who one day, driven by the need to help his family, painfully left his native country with and embarked on the hard adventure of reaching Europe. When arriving at Nador he had the misfortune to suffer the attack of bandits. They cut his hand and severely wounded his side, injuring the nerves and tendons of that area. After having surgery at the Nador Hospital, he went to our mini-home because he could not walk.

Little by little he recovered the mobility of the hand, but not the force of his leg, which fails. Having not strength or sensitivity in it when he walks he is in danger of falling, as has already happened on several occasions. After three months with us in the home, the Nador team of Migration where I work, we asked ourselves what we could do. And at this moment the journey towards Hope started.

We decided to ask the Spanish Consulate for a Humanitarian Visa, for that we needed, among other things, was to have a place where this boy was welcomed. I did not hesitate to contact my Sisters from the other side of the sea, and the same miracle occurred as in previous times when I “touched” the same door. All coordinated action between one country and the other and in the end, Jacobo would be welcomed in a residence of Daughters of Charity. This was enough, together with the other requirements; the consul of Spain in Nador gave us a humanitarian visa in record time. You cannot imagine the joy of arriving to say: “Jacobo, we are going to Spain”. He burst into tears and hugged us saying: Thank you, thank you. It was a day of joy for everyone.

The uncertainty of the past days and his glance of interrogation and supplication had passed. The Journey to Hope took shape, it became a reality. We went with him to Spain, where he could have the opportunity for healing. We arrived in Seville at the end of a long trip by plane and bus, where everything was new to him. The Sisters were waiting for us at the station, and we left for the Home where he would stay for the time being. Everything was a beautiful symphony of welcome, of Charity trying to make him feel at home. Seeing how happy he was, in that moment I felt proud to be a Daughter of Charity, to have put together with my Sisters a small grain of sand to make this world a better place.

It is not much, although the value of things does not depend on its magnitude or quantity, but on the Love with which we do them. With this grain of sand, we had returned hope and joy to a life, to a human being. I thought of the thousands who will not have this opportunity, who will die at sea, who will arrive and be returned to their countries who … will not have the warmth of welcome. For the moment, at least Jacobo will continue making his “Journey to Hope” to find a better life, to regain health, to be able to help his family.

Collaborative work has been fundamental to achieve it. There are many, many Jacobus who need us, we will be able to put that little grain of sand? The journey to Hope is a right of every human being.

With our deepest gratitude.

Sr. Maria Francisca Tous. Daughter of Charity

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