The embers time

[España-Sur Province (SAM)] Of all the images to represent this stage of life, I have chosen as the most appropriate “the ember age”. Embers that have lost their flame, but continue to warm because they are still alive. This is what our life should be like, embers of hope through words and attitudes of flamboyant tenderness towards anyone who comes near looking for warmth: the people who live with us or those whom we serve. What a joy to reach 60 plus years! remaining faithful to the invitation of the Lord: “Come and see!” Read More

Sending on Mission in the Province of Curitiba

[Province of Curitba] On September 1, 2018, the Province of Curitiba joyfully celebrated the Sending on Mission of three Sisters: Claudiane dos Santos Souza, Fabiana Bueno and Ilizabeth Correa. After completing their seminary, they will now continue their mission as Daughters of Charity and their formation as Young Sisters in the houses of the Province. Read More

Medal of Extremadura to Sister Cristina Arana Astigarra

[Province Spain-South] Sister Cristina Arana Astigarraga is one of the seven outstanding people honoured with Extremadura Medal for her dedicated life to vulnerable people. Other Laureates were Mr Angel Sastre Canelas, Don Benito journalist; Mme. Maria Victoria Gil Alvarez, researcher; Extremadura Federation of Music Bands; Manantial Folk Group; the late painter Mr Jaime de Jaraiz and Mr Gonzalo Martín Dominguez, head of Extremadura House in Seville. Read More

A Daughter of Charity awarded for merits in defense of dignity, humanity and human rights

[Province of Warsaw] Sunday 29 July 2018, as part of the celebrations of  the 74th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, awarded with the highest state decorations some veterans of the insurgence and those who arecultivatingthe remembrance of the recent history of Poland. The ceremony took place in the courtyard of the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising.

Among decorated: “for outstanding merits in defense of dignity, humanity and human rights, for generous service in saving lives and health for those in need of help” was Sr. Józefa SŁUPIAŃSKA, Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul from the Province of Warsaw. She was decorated with the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (5thclass).During the WWII and through the Uprising she worked as a nurse in the Infant Jesus Hospital in Warsaw and when the hospital was evacuated from Warsaw after the Uprising fell down she was among evacuated patients and staff.  In March this year she celebrated her 106thbirthday.

Addressing the insurgence veterans Mr. President said:”You fought for values, you did not fight for revenge, it was not the most important message of the Warsaw Uprising, the message was the struggle for freedom, there was a desire for a free homeland and the desire for freedom as such.”

The Warsaw Uprising lasted from August 1 to October 3, 1944. It was a military struggle against the Nazi German forces occupying Warsaw held in the left Vistula river bank of the Warsaw. The right bank part was already liberated by Soviet and dependent on Soviet Union Polish forces. The insurgence was organized by the Home Army, the largest underground military organization in occupied Europe.  From amilitary point of view,the Warsaw Uprising aimed at Nazi occupants as an effort to liberate the capital of Poland. From apolitical point of view it was a manifestation of independence and sovereignty for the Soviet Union, their Red Army and newly formed Polish communist government and armed forces dependent on Soviet leaders. Soviet troops already camped on the right bank of the Vistula River,  so called “liberators” who in fact where new occupants, did not involve in the uprising. They didn’t bring support and help to the insurgents fighting on the left bank. They didn’t even allow  Western Allied Forces to provide air drops of supplies from temporary airfields on already liberated by Soviet troops territories. This decision limited the support which could be delivered to insurgents dramatically. Insurgent troops fought lonely with the overwhelming Nazi forces. An Uprising planned for a week or so lasted 63 days. Finally, its commander signed act of capitulation on October 3. According to it some 500 thousand civilian residents of Warsaw were forcibly expelledfrom the town. Those who survived street fights became refugees. Afterwards German forces turned the town into anocean of ruins.

During the Uprising about 200,000 civilians and 16 thousand soldiers of the underground army were killed, 20 thousand were wounded and 15 thousand taken as prisoners of war.

Vincentian formation session for the Daughters of Charity of the Provinces of Africa and Madagascar

[Quasi – Province Mother House] The opportunity of attending the Vincentian Formation Session in the Mother House for the last two months awarded me the pleasure to see, touch, feel, listen and experience. First, I was deeply stirred by the faith of the pilgrims who flock into our chapel every day to pray. I was filled with awe seeing how countless blessings attend to us every day in this Chapel and I experienced this as I sat in the chapel to pray. Touching the chair where our Blessed Mother sat, passing the message of the apparition in 1830 to St. Catherine Labouré, was not only a physical act but an overwhelming and faith lifting experience. Read More

Birth of the new Province “San Vincenzo – Italia”

[Province of San Vincenzo – Italy] A new Province of the Daughters of Charity, “San Vincenzo – Italia” (2.0), was recently established on Wednesday, July 18th, 2018  from the unification of two Provinces of north-central Italy and southern Italy. As the Superior General said during the Eucharistic celebration: “Today you have gathered to form a new Province, San Vincenzo – Italia. It is something different from the previous Province of San Vincenzo – Italia, because now you are one with the Sisters of the former Province of Napoli. Read More

Listening to the Poor – Future Interprovincial Community in a crucial place

[Spanish Provinces] Sr Carmen Pérez, General Councillor, and four Visitatrixes of Spain arrived at the Melilla Airport mid-morning on June 30th. Sr María Pilar and two Councillors of-España-Sur and Father Jesús María González, Vincentians San Vicente España Province, came to welcome them. They began a marathon visit, accompanied by the President and Delegate of Melilla Cáritas since the planned project will be in collaboration with them. Read More

UN global compacts on refugees and migrants near completion

[UN – NGO] Sisters Margaret O’Dwyer and Catherine Prendergast, representing the Company of the Daughters of Charity at the United Nations, share the news below from the UN in New York:

It is a significant time at the United Nations.   Two separate agreements—one related to refugees and the other to migrants–are nearing completion.  Talks related to the Global Compact on Refugees ended on July 4thin Geneva.   Negotiations toward the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration will finish July 13 in New York. Read More

“Ring and come in …”

[Province of Graz – Central Europe] The Diocese of Graz-Seckau was founded 800 years ago. Previously, the area belonged to the Archdiocese of Salzburg. In this jubilee year, 2018, there are many opportunities for dialogue, social activities, pilgrimages and prayer times. Read More