Interprovincial Meeting of Initial Formation Sisters of Spain

[Provinces of Spain] An Initial Formation meeting took place from 28 November to 1 December in Los Almendros (Madrid). We were joined by Lola Arrieta and Cova Orejas, Carmelite Sisters of Charity of Vedruna, who participate in the well-known Accompaniment Project “Ruaj”. They were in charge of presenting the theme: “The story of one’s life lived as a vocation” and giving us the tools to achieve the goal we set at the beginning: Rethinking our life as a vocation and remembering the near past by keeping it in our hearts and opening ourselves to the future with thankful and hopeful faith. Read More

“We Go Out to Look for our Brothers on the Streets, Like Jesus with the Missing Sheep”

[Province of Bogota-Venezuela] During the cold nights of Bogotá, you can find groups of six people looking for more than 9500 rough sleep which, according to government data, sleep on the streets of the Colombian capital. Under the coordination of Sister Nohemy Sánchez, the Daughters of Charity and lay people have been working for 22 years with the poorest of the poor in a country marked by internal armed conflict and inequality. Read More

The gleaners of St. Louise

[Province of Sardinia] At the end of the fifties of the last century in the countryside of Campidano, in Sardinia, one could still see farmers reaping wheat with a scythe. And to those who passed near those fields, there were men, women, and children who, like squirrels, would run here and there to collect ears of corn left on the stalk or fallen from the wagon. Read More

“The Lord has been good to us and we are happy.”

[Province of Madrid – Santa Luisa] On August 19 a group of Sisters accompanied by Sr Antonia, Visitatrice, Fr Joaquin, Director, and Sr Rocio, Councillor, began our pilgrimage “Following Vincent’s footsteps. Sr Ascension Larrad, the Sister Servant of Hispano American Association San Fernando in Neuilly-sur-Seine, was waiting for us at the airport. Read More

A Way To Compostela – A Way That Transforms

[Province of Madrid – St. Louise] This summer as Daughters of Charity in the Prison Centers and together with two volunteers, we have set ourselves a new challenge: to make the Way to Santiago with Interns. The goal was to deepen in the insertion and therapy we face in the Prison Ministry, which we carry out inside the Prison Center Madrid – I. Read More