Life in Prison during the Lockdown

[Province Spain – South] ♦ The Prison Ministry Team tells us what those days of maximum health alert meant for the inmates in prisons.  

The confinement we lived for weeks because of the pandemic taught us to value situations that daily pass through our lives without giving importance to them. One of them is the freedom of movement: to go out and come in when we want, to meet family and friends, to be able to choose where we go and when. Read More

ABLE: The Musical

[Province of St. Louise de Marillac-Asia] Music is a medium that connects everyone. It was in this light that the concept of Able: The Musicalwas conceived. It was a Concert for a Cause with the aim of raising funds for the Our Lady of Victory (OLV) Center where differently-abled persons are housed when they come to the city for hospitalization, surgery, re-education, formation, rest, etc. Read More

Welcome to four new Daughters of Charity!

[Province of St. Louise – USA
Province of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton – USA]

The two Provinces of Daughters of Charity in the United States share an Inter-provincial Seminary which is located in St. Louis, Missouri. On August 22, 2020, in the Provincial Houses in Los Altos Hills, California and St. Louis, Missouri, the Sisters welcomed four new Daughters of Charity who then began their Seminary (Novitiate) on August 23. The four Sisters join one other Seminary Sister, the Seminary Directress and two Sister companions in their local community. During their time in the Seminary they will learn about the Company of the Daughters of Charity in weekly classes. They will also join novices in several other religious congregations in an “inter-community novitiate” where they will have classes in theology, human nature and various other topics such as social justice and the history of the Church.

We ask your prayers for these new Daughters of Charity!

Did you say lockdown ?

[Province Belgique–France–Suisse] This word, spoken countless of times all over the world since the beginning of this year and experienced by just as many people, has caused physical, sociological, psychological, economical affliction as well as various adversities; its scope will unfold in succeeding months. However, it has also brought exceptional outpouring of generosity, both spiritually and corporally. For a brief moment, let us «turn the medal» (one of St. Vincent de Paul’s famous expressions) and dare to see «lockdown» with hearts filled with hope…

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Waiting in line outside the Soup Kitchen of the Daughters of Charity during the COVID-19 in Madrid

[Province of Santa Luisa, Spain] During this period of the pandemic, the Saint Vincent de Paul program had to adapt its services to the present circumstances. People now have to wait in line outside to receive a meal pack when it used to be served on a tray, seated at table. The meal, now in a plastic container, includes meat with potatoes, an omelet sandwich, a sardine sandwich and fruit. A recipient who is an artist, expressed his gratitude with a beautiful drawing (see below).

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