Blessing of Torreblanca Shelter Home

[Province of España-Sur] We wish to share an emotional and festive event celebrated the 1st June 2018 by the Pine Community. Present were our Visitatrice, Fr. Director, part of the Provincial Council; all Daughters of Charity who worked in this service over the years, workers of EL PINO Day Centre, Torreblanca Shelter, Representatives of Sevilla “Proyecto del Hombre”, Volunteers, etc. etc. We gave thanks to God, because, after a few years of waiting, the Torreblanca Shelter Home was completed. It is an unimaginably magnificent building, so comfortable and simple at the same time. Read More

Thanksgiving pilgrimage for the beatification of sr Marta Wiecka in Sniatyn

[Province of Krakow / Odessa – Ukraine] On May 26-27, 2018 in Sniatyn, Ukraine, the 9th pilgrimage of the Vincentian Family to the grave of Blessed Sr. Marta Wiecka took place. The ceremony was combined with thanksgiving for the gift of the 10th anniversary of the beatification of Sister Marta Wiecka. The pilgrimage gathered pilgrims from all over Ukraine, as well as from Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Romania and other countries. Read More

Children’s Center Ontupaia – Nacala Porto

[Province of Mozambique]  On May 9th, the children of the Santa Luisa de Marillac – Ontupaia Children’s Center in Nacala Porto awoke with a most contagious joy. What was the reason for that joy? Very simple, the patron’s feast day. The children from ages 3 to 5 were the persons responsible for the animation at the Mass Read More

The Feast of Saint Louise at Motherhouse

[Motherhouse]  “On May 9we celebrated the Feast of St Louise in a special way.  During the day we were privileged to pray before the original text of the “Lumière de Pentecôte”, handwritten by St. Louise herself and preserved in the Archives of the Congregation of the Mission.  Read More

Mother Suzanne Guillemin in Poland – memories

[Province of Warsaw] The Superioress General of the Company of the Daughters of Charity, Suzanne Guillemin, visited Poland on June 4 – 21, 1967. She was accompanied by the General Councillor of the Company for the Slavic Provinces and the General Secretary for the Polish Provinces. Read More

Sor Justa Domínguez, Daughter of Charity, proclaimed “Venerable”

[Province Madrid – San Vicente] Saturday, April 14, Pope Francis received Cardinal Angelo Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, to sign several decrees of beatification processes. He then made public those decrees, among which was the one that recognizes the heroic virtues of the Daughter of Charity Sister Justa Dominguez de Vidaurreta and Idoy. Read More

Celebrating with Sr Rita at 103 years old

[Province of Graz–Central Europe] Sister Rita was born on April 8, 1915 in Gyöngyös, Hungary. She was raised in an orphanage, because her father died early. She entered the Daughters of Charity in 1937 in Budapest and made her vows for the first time in 1942. She obtained a teacher’s degree at the Ranolder Institute in Budapest and was teaching in Vác at the Karolina Institute in elementary school classes 1-4. Read More