Fifty years of service of the Daughters of Charity in Cameroon

[Province of Cameroon] 
A Glance at History. 
On February 16, 1968, the Provincial Council of the Daughters of Charity in Switzerland responded positively to the request of His Eminence Nkongsamba NDONGMO and decided to open the Catholic Mission in Dchang, Cameroon. The contract was signed by Bishop NDONGMO on July 25, 1969 and by Mother CHIRON on July 28, 1969.


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Santa Isabel School of Madrid Receives Award

[Province of Spain–South] Santa Isabel School has 700 students of 58 nationalities. «Only 1% is Spanish, the rest are migrants and from disadvantaged families». As a result of its service to these students, the Spanish Refugee Assistance Commission (CEAR)has awarded the school with ‘Juan María Bandrés Shelter Actions Award’. Read More

Interprovincial Meeting of Initial Formation Sisters of Spain

[Provinces of Spain] An Initial Formation meeting took place from 28 November to 1 December in Los Almendros (Madrid). We were joined by Lola Arrieta and Cova Orejas, Carmelite Sisters of Charity of Vedruna, who participate in the well-known Accompaniment Project “Ruaj”. They were in charge of presenting the theme: “The story of one’s life lived as a vocation” and giving us the tools to achieve the goal we set at the beginning: Rethinking our life as a vocation and remembering the near past by keeping it in our hearts and opening ourselves to the future with thankful and hopeful faith. Read More